Now even the Taliban has made comments about the riots that have convulsed cities in England, coming on the heels of sneering remarks by Iran and Libya.

On a propaganda website, the Taliban blamed the widespread disorder in Britain from the government’s neglect of the British people and its pursuit of imperialistic objectives overseas.

The group connected the unrest to the war in Afghanistan – suggesting that the British government could no longer afford to pay for that military campaign.

The statement also noted that the costs incurred by the Afghan war likely led to the unprecedented downgrade of U.S. long-term credit rating by Standard & Poor’s

"With no doubt, the immense and basic reason of the financial crises, deprivation and riots that United States and UK are facing now, is because of the offensive and imperialistic policies and designs of these countries," the statement said.

"They are proceeding [sic] the baseless and unjustified war by the expenses of their own people's taxes and they have turned their faces from the problems of their masses."

The statement also included a warning to the U.S. government that any further military activities in Afghanistan will destroy America’s finances.

"We believe that the financial storm and crisis which encompasses the American people, the only way out is that to change your offensive policies and to end Afghanistan war and to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible and to pay respect for the national freedom of Afghans,” the Taliban said.

"If America did not leave, the movement predicted its financial troubles would "push you to the hollow of destruction like the Soviet Union".