Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went head to head during the debate on Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

The debate opened up with a question from a college student asking about what the presidential candidates will do so that he will be able to pay for his college when he graduates in 2014.

The student’s name, Jeremy, began to start trending when he asked a question that is important to practically every college student and to anyone who does not have a job.

Both the candidates mentioned Jeremy’s name when talking about what they were going to do to get him a job, but mostly tied him in how Obama wanted to open up more coal jobs.

“I don't think #jeremy is going to college to be a coal miner. #VFTCdebate,” @cwlatham85 commented.

When Obama was asked about gas prices, he switched to talking about coal production and coal employment. He evaded the question of the gas prices, and instead talked about renewable energy and fuel-efficient cars.

Gas prices are a hot topic on Long Island because Long Islanders need cars to get anywhere. Their pockets have really been hurting, especially since gas is about to reach $4 a gallon again.

When it was Romney’s turn to speak about gas prices he said that he wanted to use all types of energy sources in order to get the prices down.

He explained that he wanted to use oil, gas, coal, nuclear energies in addition to renewable sources also.

Romney said he wanted to make America “energy-independent” and would do that by drilling in Alaska and off the shore of Virginia in addition to opening the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.

When the question went back to Obama, he was asked if gas prices are higher now because that is the norm, or is it because of the choices he has made as president.

It was stated that in January 2009 gas was $1.86 and now gas prices are almost $4. Obama said that since oil production and natural gas production is up, and cars are now more fuel efficient, people can expect to save more money.

He also went on to explain that when gas prices were at $1.86 because our country was on the verge of a depression and that they have gone up, which reflects a healthier economy.

He noted that world demand for energy has grown, which is another reason for the higher gas prices.