Consumers looking for a place to buy HP's discounted, discontinued TouchPad can look at the company's own online store. Once HP slashed the price on its TouchPad to $99, the product has sold out of many retailers and even HP's online store. But more are on the way, the company says.

HP spokeswoman Bryna Corcoran said on Twitter Monday that HP will replenish the supply of TouchPads available at its online store.

Regarding 'next batch' coming's called a warehouse, Corcoran said in a tweet. No more being made, but have inventory coming from ones already manufactured.

Corcoran made no mention of when the TouchPads would ship, but the company is still taking orders for the TouchPad online at its store for $99 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi model and $149.99 for a 32 GB Wi-Fi unit.

Customers who order a TouchPad from HP's online store aren't guaranteed to get one, but they are placed on a wait list, filled in order of supply by when customers lined up by completing their online order.

HP said last week it is discontinuing support of its new TouchPad tablet just seven weeks after the product launched at prices of $499 for the 16 GB model and $599 for the 32 GB model. The company tried discounting the tablet by $100 but when that didn't spur sales it said it was walking away from the TouchPad.

Once HP slashed prices on the discontinued product to $99, brick and mortar store and online retailers and even HP's own online store quickly sold out.