In a case of meta-parody, satirical news show The Hamster Wheel has created an episode celebrating Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character, climate change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton.

The hilarious mock-segment marvels at Cohen's ability to convince audiences around that world that Monckton is real, and even manages to get Monckton himself to sit down for an interview.

At one point in the interview, Craig Reucassel asks Monckton-as-Cohen-as-Monckton: Will we ever see Ali G. or Borat come back?

I'm slightly baffled by the question, Monckton responds.

I understand you want to stay in the Lord Monckton character, Reucassel begins to say, before he is interrupted.

Just a moment, let's be sensible about this, Monckton says. As it happens, that's who I am, so it's not a question of being 'in the Lord Monckton character,' I am Lord Monckton.

Monckton has become notorious for his public arguments against man-made climate change, famously calling climate activists Hitler youth.

Lord Monckton has been described by a UK newspaper as a swivel-eyed maniac.

Watch The Hamster Wheel episode after the jump: