For much of Sunday night and Monday morning, no one was talked about on the Internet more than Kevin Ware.

The Louisville guard suffered a broken leg in the team’s win over Duke in the Elite Eight. The injury was extremely gruesome, as Ware’s bone pierced through his skin. Many of his teammates could barely watch as he suffered the injury right in front of the Cardinals’ bench. Multiple news outlets refused to show the video because it was so graphic.

Ware was immediately a trending topic on Twitter, as those who were watching the game shared their reactions to the injury.

“OMG that is a Joe Theismann movement,” tweeted Seth Davis, college basketball analyst for Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.

Davis was referring to the 1985 Monday Night Football game in which the Washington Redskins quarterback broke his leg on a sack by Lawrence Taylor. The injury forced Theismann to retire.

The hashtag “#prayersforware” was trending for part of Sunday, as people were tweeting out their support for the sophomore. So many people were discussing the injury on Twitter that even those who weren’t watching the game understood how terrible the injury was.

“Didn't see the Kevin Ware injury & from description don't want to,” tweet ESPN anchor Stuart Scott. “Feel horrible for that kid & team..we 4get these are just teenagers!”

Like Theismann, running back Michael Bush suffered a similar injury on the field. The former Louisville running back broke his leg in 2006, but eventually recovered and made it to the NFL in 2008. Last season he played in 13 games and accumulated 411 rushing yards for the Chicago Bears.

"Just spoke with #KevinWare n told me he already up on crutches. #Superhuman," Bush stated on Twitter.

Ware underwent successful surgery, shortly after Louisville advanced to the Final Four. The injury isn’t expected to be career-threatening.