Joseline Hernandez is staying fit while pregnant. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shared a few Instagram videos recently giving fans a peek inside her pregnancy workouts, and based on the killer moves Joseline is seen doing, we’re sure she’ll have no trouble bouncing back after her baby girl is born.

In one video, Joseline is seen working on a leg press machine. The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess smiles for the camera and rubs her bare baby bump as she effortlessly continues to do her workout. In a second video Joseline posted, she’s seen working her upper body. In both posts, the VH1 reality star wrote that she was 32 weeks along.

Earlier this month, Joseline gave fans a pregnancy update, writing on Twitter that her baby girl will be here in a few short months. “OMG 9 weeks to go,” she tweeted. “Unbelievable.”

Joseline’s pregnancy has been shrouded in drama. Last week, she raised questions about the status of her and Stevie J’s relationship when she filed a child support petition. It’s been rumored for years that Stevie and Joseline were never legally married, and Stevie confirmed it during an Instagram rant when he said he was never Joseline’s husband. Joseline, however, said her ex was lying and they are still legally married.

According to Bossip, Joseline revealed in the court papers that she and Stevie were in a “long-term relationship” — not married — when she got pregnant with his child. “The parties were not married at the time of conception,” she wrote. “I and Mr. Steven Jordan were in a long-term romantic relationship. We engaged in sexual intercourse with each other in the month of April 2016. As a result of the intercourse, I conceived a child with Mr. Jordan.”

In addition to seeking child support from her ex, Joseline also wants him to take a DNA test to prove that the baby is his. “We are trying to get Stevie to take a blood test to see if the baby is his,” her lawyer Tony Mathis told Bossip in August. “She’s already taken her test. She’s waiting for him to go down and put his sample in … Stevie is not supporting her in any form or fashion. Not financially. Nothing.”

Joseline is expected to give birth to her baby girl around Jan. 9.