Monday's episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" was full of drama, as usual. Princess Love and Moniece Slaughter almost get into a fight; Teairra Mari crashes her friends' fashion show; and Miles Brock and Amber Hunter meet to talk about him coming out as gay. Check out everything that went down in Season 2, episode 11, below.

The VH1 show kicks off with Moniece and her ex, Fizz, out shopping. The two are finally starting to get along now that they are co-parenting their 5-year-old son Kameron. While out shopping, Fizz asks Moniece if she wants to be the featured girl in his music video. Moniece seems hesitant at first but says yes, and later admits to the camera during her confessional that she's starting to have feelings for Fizz again.

Moniece tells Teairra she wants to talk to the former B2K singer to see if he feels the same way. After they shoot the music video, Moniece confesses her love to the singer and asks him if he ever thinks about them getting back together.

Unfortunately, Fizz doesn't feel the same way and tells Moniece they are better off as friends. Moniece starts to cry and tells Fizz she's confused about her feelings toward him, but in the end the two decide to not to pursue a relationship.

Later in the episode, Fizz tells Nikki Mudarris, who he's kind of dating, about Moniece confessing her love for him. Nikki finds it odd that Moniece is telling Fizz she loves him because Moniece is still dating Rich Dollaz.

Meanwhile, Teairra is out for revenge and wants to sabotage a fashion show her friends are having. As recapped in last week's episode, Teairra was upset to find out that her friend Hazel-E had asked her enemy Princess to be a designer in the fashion show Teairra and Nikki were planning. Teairra was kicked out of the show, but vowed to get back at Hazel.

Also on Monday's episode, Teairra has her models wear her Blazers line and storm onto the runway toward the end of the show. Princess is annoyed Teairra tried to ruin the event, and the two ladies start bashing each other over the microphones in front of the audience.

After the show, Milan calls a meeting with everyone to talk about what happened at the fashion  show. Of course, the sit-down doesn't go as planned and Moniece and Princess get into an argument. Things escalate when Princess tosses a drink in Moniece's face. Security guards rush forward to keep Moniece and Princess from fighting.

The episode also shows a softer side of notorious playboy Ray J. A few episodes ago, Ray and Princess broke up over trust issues, but clearly Ray isn't ready to move on yet and begs Princess to give him another chance.

However, the model isn't ready to jump back into a relationship with him and she tells Ray she just wants to be friends for right now. Ray is upset, but agrees to give her some space.

Miles and Amber also meet up in episode 11 to once again talk about him coming out as gay. Amber tells her ex-boyfriend that she forgives him and there are no hard feelings and she wants to put everything behind them and move forward as friends.