Hazel-E and Teairra Mari's friendship had a good run on Season 2 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," but it crashes and burns on Monday's episode 10. The on-and-off friends have a big falling out on the Nov. 9 show when Hazel brings up old rumors that Teairra slept with her ex-boyfriend Yung Berg.

The fight goes down at a model casting for Teairra and Nikki Mudarris' fashion show. In last week's episode, Nikki told Hazel she was worried about the event because she wasn't sure Teairra was going to be able to participate since she had just gotten a liposuction done. Hazel told Nikki she would step in and help plan the fashion show, and also decided to ask Princess Love to be one of the featured designers.

On Monday's show, Teairra finds out that Princess is involved in the show and gets upset. Teairra threatens to drop out of the event, which causes a fight with Hazel. After some bickering about the show, Hazel attacks Teairra for being a fake friend and supposedly sleeping with her ex. (Teairra has always denied hooking up with the singer). To defuse the situation, Milan Christopher escorts Teairra out of the fashion show. But the "Deserve" signer is planning her revenge on Hazel and Princess.

Meanwhile, Moniece Slaughter and Fizz have a breakthrough following their heart-to-heart last week. During her confessional, Moniece tells the camera that she's been spending more time with her son Kameron now that she and Fizz are getting along as co-parents.

During an outing with their son, Fizz decides to ask Moniece if he can meet her boyfriend, Rich Dollaz, since they've been spending a lot of time together. Moniece tells him she's not sure how well the meeting will go, but says she'll talk to Rich about it.

When Moniece does bring it up to Rich, the producer gets annoyed, saying he's tired of having to defend himself to Moniece's family. The first time he met a family member -- her mother, Marla -- it didn't go well. Nevertheless, Rich agrees to meet with Fizz.

Fizz and Rich's meeting goes smoothly enough, even though the former B2K singer tells Rich he doesn’t want him around his son Kameron until his relationship with Moniece gets more serious. As previously reported, Moniece and Rich are broken up in real life. She told a fan they split shortly after they filmed the show.

While Fizz and Moniece are working on co-parenting their child, Apryl Jones and Omarion bump heads when Apryl tells him she feels like her career is on hold indefinitely. Omarion explains to her that he will always have her back and support her dreams, but it the timing has to be right.

Also during the episode, Miles Brock and Milan take a huge step forward in their rocky romance. In a previous episode, Milan had kicked Miles out of their apartment because he was hiding his sexuality and relationship with Milan.

Now that Miles has come out publicly to his ex-girlfriend Amber Hunter and his family, the rapper and Milan meet up to talk about working things out. Miles even tells his boyfriend he wants him to meet his family.

The last and final couple to make an appearance on Monday's show is Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce. Willie has been struggling with getting his solo career off the ground, but in the Nov. 9 episode he finally makes some headway when his new manager arranges for him to perform at a small venue.

Unfortunately, things between him and Shanda go downhill quickly before Willie is set to take the stage, and they get into argument over Shanda going behind Willie's back and working at the strip club again as a dancer. In the end, however, Shanda apologizes and Willie promises he’ll do whatever he must to take care of the family.