Part two of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 6 reunion kicks off immediately after Amina Buddafly’s news that she’s pregnant with her second child with Peter Gunz. Of course, Peter’s ex Tara Wallace, who’s pregnant with her third child with Peter, isn’t too pleased when she hears the news. Later in the episode, Kim and Judy almost fight, and fans witness a very shocking revelation by Rich Dollaz. See everything that happened during the reunion below.

After Amina stands up to flaunt her baby bump, host Nina Parker asks Tara whether she knew the singer was pregnant. Tara says she didn’t and calls Amina the “queen of surprise.” Tara also slams her for first having an abortion and then turning around and getting pregnant again. Amina explains that shortly after she terminated her pregnancy, she and Peter “were being irresponsible” and conceived another child. Amina says there was no way she was going to get another abortion, so she decided to keep the baby. Parker then asks Peter’s daughter, Whitney, how she feels about the situation, and she replies that she’s not upset by Amina’s pregnancy announcement but thinks it’s beginning to turn into a competition between the two women.

Tara quickly denies she’s in competition with Amina and reminds everybody that she’s the one who pulled the plug on her relationship with Peter. However, Amina disagrees, accusing Tara of getting pregnant in the hope that Peter would take her back. After a bit of arguing, Amina hints that she split from Peter, telling Parker  she’s done with him.

Next up on the reunion stage is Cardi B. She talks about her relationship with Tommy, who’s currently in prison, and reveals that they met at a strip club. She also defends her decision to want to marry him while he’s still behind bars. Cardi says she loves Tommy and would marry him anywhere. She also admits she was “scared” for Tommy to find out that DJ Self was her “side dude,” but says that because Tommy cheated on her before he went to prison they’re “even” now.

Later in the episode, Cardi gets into a heated argument with Peter over how he treats women. The disagreement starts with Peter criticizing Cardi over saying that if she’s sleeping with a man, she expects him to take care of her and pay her bills. During the argument, Cardi tells Peter he’s been making Amina and Tara look stupid on TV. Toward the end of the reunion, they both apologize to each other.

DJ Self’s romance issues are also front and center. During the season, he cheated on his girlfriend Yorma with Cardi and Rose. At the reunion, Cardi says she’s not sure why Yorma believed she was the only girl Self was hooking up with, and Rose says Yorma is irrelevant. When Parker asks Self whether he ever slept with Rose, he says he doesn’t know, but she confirms they did. Yorma gets mad and says she and Self are still sleeping together, too.

Toward the end of the hourlong reunion, Yandy Smith discusses her relationship with her husband Mendeecees and his ex Samantha, who’s the mother of his son Lil Mendeecees. Things between the women go downhill when Samantha’s mom, Kim, begins arguing with Mendeecees’ mom, Judy. At one point, they both jump as if they are about to fight each other, but a security person steps in and separates them. Apparently, Samantha feels Yandy oversteps her boundaries when it comes to Lil Mendeecees, and Samantha is also hesitant to let her son visit his father in jail.

The Season 6 reunion ends with a performance by Remy Ma and Rich Dollaz admitting he’s still in love with “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter, who broke up with him in October.