Part one of the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 6 reunion just wrapped, and it was full of “OMG” moments. From shoe tossing to pregnancy reveals, check out the top four moments of the show Monday.

Amina Buddafly Is Pregnant

It’s been rumored for months that Amina and her husband Peter Gunz are expecting their second child together, but the singer confirms the news during Monday’s reunion. Amina drops the baby bombshell after a tense few minutes of argument between her and Tara Wallace, Peter’s ex who’s pregnant with their third child. (Tara has since given birth to a boy named Gunner.)

During the reunion, Tara and Amina go back and forth over who’s the “side chick.” Amina feels Tara is in the wrong because she slept with a married man, but Tara points out she was in a relationship with Peter for 13 years until Amina swooped in and ruined things. Yandy Smith attempts to explain why Tara can’t leave Peter alone, telling host Nina Parker that her friend feels like her relationship with Peter was “stolen” from her. Neither Tara nor Amina make amends, and after Parker brings up Peter getting a vasectomy and not being able to have any more kids, Amina stands up to show off her baby bump.

MariahLynn Reveals She Had an Abortion

Amina isn’t the only “Love & Hip Hop: New York” cast member to reveal some shocking news. MariahLynn tells the cast she had gotten pregnant by Rich Dollaz, but decided not to keep the baby. The New Jersey native, who also dated cast member Cisco, doesn’t specify how long ago this happened, but she dropped the news to prove that her relationship with Rich wasn’t just a fling, as he had claimed. However, when Rich is asked about Mariah’s news, he replies that she was “allegedly pregnant,” hinting he’s not sure she was telling the truth about it.

MariahLynn and BBOD Fight  

Not much is resolved between BBOD members Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy and their nemesis MariahLynn. It’s clear they all still have major issues with each other, and talking about it during the reunion only escalates things. At one point, security has to step in to separate Lexxy and Mariah before they begin fighting. Mariah’s friend and castmate, Cardi B, also jumps into their feud, first yelling at Moe and Lexxy, and then throwing her shoe at them during the scuffle.

Yandy Smith and Rah Ali Feud

BBOD and Mariah aren’t the only ones who can’t settle their beef. Yandy and Rah Ali keep arguing over whom is the better manager. Yandy says she feels Rah didn’t have enough experience to manage BBOD and that’s why it didn’t work out. Rah slams Yandy for always trying to act like she’s innocent and oblivious to why they have so many issues.