Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly’s feud has apparently come to an end. For several seasons of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” Tara has been at war with Amina, who’s married to Tara’s ex Peter Gunz. Well, it appears that things have since changed and Tara, Amina and Peter are all getting along.

To recap the drama between the trio: Amina and Peter are married but he was still hooking up with his ex, Tara. Tara gave birth to her and Peter’s third child, a baby boy named Gunner, in February. Amina then announced she was pregnant, too, and gave birth to her and Peter’s second child in August. Things got so messy that Amina pulled the plug on her marriage to Peter and accused Tara of ruining her relationship.

During a June interview with TMZ’s Rock Rants, Amina made it clear that she never wanted to be friends with Tara. However, on Saturday Peter shared an Instagram photo of Amina holding baby Gunner. “World Tour and Baby Gunner… bliss,” he captioned the picture.

When fans started to criticize the image, Peter shared it a second time and lashed out at everyone who had something negative to say about it. “Sad how people talk s--- about a photo that @iamtarrawallace took…My kids will know and love one another as long as I’m alive no matter how adults feel about one another or me for that matter… love is in the air don’t hate on it embrace it. goodnight world,” he wrote.

Peter’s Instagram post came shortly after Tara and Amina were spotted in New York together. A fan caught the friends-turned-enemies-turned-friends standing next to a white car. In the video, Tara is seen holding Amina’s infant daughter, Bronx. Last week, Peter also shared an Instagram picture of his and Amina’s eldest daughter, Cori, sweetly kissing Gunner. It was the first time Tara’s new baby had appeared in a photo with Amina’s child.