Tara Wallace Amina Buddafly reunite
“Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Amina Buddafly met up with her frenemy Tara Wallace (not pictured) in New York. VH1

Well, this is a reunion we didn’t see coming. “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace were recently spotted together — and not fighting — in New York.

Their meetup was caught on camera by a fan. In the video, Tara and Amina are seen standing near a white car. Tara, who is mom to three of Peter Gunz’s kids, is also seen holding a baby, presumably Amina and Peter’s infant daughter Bronx. Whoever filmed the video suggested that Tara and Amina’s drama could just be for TV since they seemed to be getting along.

Tara and Amina’s reunion comes as a shock because Amina essentially accused Tara of ruining her marriage to Peter. To recap: Amina and Peter are married. Tara gave birth to her and Peter’s third child, a baby boy named Gunner, in February. Amina separated from Peter in April, and gave birth to their second child in August.

During a June interview with TMZ’s Rock Rants, Amina admitted she was keeping her distance from Tara because of all the drama. “I don’t want to be her friend, at all. I don’t have no intention of being her friend,” she said. Amina also told VH1.com in April that Tara was one of the main reasons she decided to leave New York and move to Los Angeles with her older daughter Cori.

“I just wanted to be away from New York and from Tara pretty much,” the former Black Buddafly singer explained. “She really chased me away, and she got what she wanted and I’m OK with that now because I know that was her goal and that was one of her biggest wishes that I was gonna go away. Just be gone. … All I can say right now, at this moment, Peter and I are not together.”

It was recently rumored that Tara and Peter were expecting another baby together, but he shut down the speculation tweeting that it was “impossible” because he got a vasectomy.