Does Peter Gunz have another baby on the way? Rumors sparked that Peter’s ex and “Love & Hip Hop: New York” co-star Tara Wallace was pregnant again, with what would be their fourth child together. However, Peter quickly responded to the rumors saying it’s impossible for Tara to get pregnant by him.

According to BET, rumors surfaced that Tara was pregnant again after she was spotted with what some said was a rounder belly. If Tara is pregnant, Peter is already removing himself from the equation. The outlet reported that he posted a screenshot of an article about Tara’s supposed pregnancy on Instagram, writing that he literally can’t be the father because he got a vasectomy. “No more calls please,” he captioned the photo. “Simply not true.. in fact impossible.” He later deleted the image from his account.

Peter and Tara welcomed their third child together, a baby boy named Gunner, in February. Peter is also a new dad to his wife Amina Buddafly’s little girl, Bronx. In March, Peter confirmed that he had a vasectomy done around the time Amina found out she was pregnant with their second child. “I got the vasectomy right after Amina got pregnant. We didn’t know she was pregnant when I got the vasectomy,” he explained to VladTV.

During an interview with Bossip this month, Peter admitted that it can be financially tough juggling his young families with Tara and Amina. “I’m sure a lot of us were born and our parents weren’t ready for us financially, but you make it work. We’re figuring it out,” he told the outlet. “Nobody is on welfare. Nobody is starving.”

Peter also gave an update on his strained relationship with Amina, telling Bossip that they’re still on “good terms” even though they are no longer together. “She’s a sweetheart. She calls, and we’re good,” he said. “It’s sad for her, and it’s sad for me as well … but you can’t have your cake and eat it too so to speak.”

Even though Peter denied he fathered another baby with Tara, the former couple were recently spotted hanging out together to celebrate Tara’s birthday. A video surfaced on Instagram of Peter singing at Tara’s party, and photos popped up of them dancing together.