A dog in Bolivia is lucky to be alive after he nearly got run over by a race car.

The little black and white canine was trotting Sunday along a dirt road that just so happened to be the course of the Codasur 2016 rally in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, when it almost became roadkill. A video posted on YouTube titled, “Luckiest Dog Alive,” shows the dog strolling down the road when suddenly a race car comes zipping down the course and almost hits him. A bump in the road causes the car, operated by Uruguay driver Fernando Zuasnabar, to soar right over the dog and prevents what mostly likely would have been a tragic ending to the dog’s life.

It was not immediately clear whether the driver saw the little dog walking on the track. The rally car’s speed paired with the bump in the road caused the car to launch right over the animal’s head, leaving it completely unscathed. Afterward, the car continued to speed down the racetrack while a patrol official chased the dog.

The Codasur rally is an annual racecar championship held throughout South America each year. The most famous champion of the rally is Paraguayan Gustavo Saba, who won three consecutive titles between 2011 and 2013. Roberto Sanchez and Raúl Martínez, both from Argentina, have each won the championship twice. Mitsubishis and Subarus are the most commonly operated vehicles in the sport.

“Luckiest dog alive” is not an exclusive title, however. Earlier this year a dog in Canada was dubbed with the same term after surviving being shot by an arrow.

In that instance, the dog was found outside a home in Regina, in Saskatchewan, with an arrow protruding from both sides of its back in February, the Telegraph reported at the time. The dog — subsequently named Arrow — was taken to veterinarians to remove the arrow, which missed its spinal cord by 9 millimeters (almost a half inch).