Luis Suárez’s now-infamous bite may soon have a profoundly negative effect on his bank account, but over 100 gamblers in Europe managed to turn the World Cup incident into a profit.

Betsson, a Norwegian gambling website, offered 175-1 odds that Suárez, who had already bitten two opponents in the past, would repeat his cannibal-like offense at the 2014 World Cup. Sure enough, Suárez sank his teeth into the shoulder of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday, an action that will likely result in his suspension.

In Europe, 167 gamblers who wagered on a Suárez bite were rewarded with a win, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports. Andreas Bardun, who manages Betsson’s sportsbook, revealed that one Norwegian man won the equivalent of $3,300 on the longshot bet.

While the bets on Suárez’s bite were certainly out of the ordinary, this isn’t the first time that gamblers have won money on an outlandish prediction. Here’s a look at nine of the world’s strangest wagers.

Color of the Gatorade bath at Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl is a haven for outlandish prop bets, and wagers on the color of the winning coach’s Gatorade bath may be the most popular of them all.

If Renee Fleming wears gloves while singing the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII, what color will they be?

Another popular bet at Super Bowl XLVIII allowed fans to place wagers on the Grammy Award-winning artist’s gloves. Unfortunately, she didn’t wear any.

Bets that Super Bowl XLVIII’s first play will be a safety yield huge dividends

Safeties are a pretty rare occurrence in the NFL, and they almost never occur on a game’s first offensive play. Still, Bovada offered odds of +4000 that the first play of Super Bowl XLVIII would result in a Seahawks safety. Sure enough, the game’s opening snap flew over the head of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and into the end zone. Thus, any fan who bet $100 on a Seahawks safety won $4,000, SB Nation reported.

Who will be Rory McIlroy’s next girlfriend?

The 25-year-old golfer’s high-profile breakup with girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki caused Paddy Power to offer odds on who he would date next. Irish model Nadia Forde is currently listed at even money.

Toronto Maple Leafs fan agrees to marry girlfriend if they win the Stanley Cup

The unnamed Leafs fan made this proclamation in October 2013, despite the fact that Toronto hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in 46 years. The Los Angeles Kings took home the league title last season, but the Leafs fan did succeed in infuriating the Internet.

Auburn Tigers fan bets that they’ll win the BCS National Title at 500-1 odds

The Tigers were considered a long shot to win a national championship last season; a 500-1 longshot, to be exact. But that didn’t stop Auburn fan Mark Skiba from placing a $100 bet for his son that his favorite team would make it happen, ESPN reported. Auburn made it to the 2014 BCS National Championship but lost a nail-biter to the Florida State Seminoles.

Woman loses bet on Packers-Bears game, allows husband to use Taser on her

In 2013, Packers fan Nicole Grant bet her husband John, a Bears fan, that he could shock her with a Taser if Green Bay lost to Chicago. The Bears won the game, but when John tried to collect on his bet, Nicole decided to call the cops, Yahoo Sports reported.

15-match parlay earns man $784,000 on a 47-cent bet

In 2001, a soccer fan named Mick Gibbs reportedly bet 30p – the equivalent of about 47 cents – on a 15-match parlay bet. In other words, he’d have to correctly predict the outcome of 15 straight soccer matches in order to collect his winnings, an outcome with 1,666,666-1 odds, Moneymaker Magazine reported. Gibbs pulled it off, winning £500,000 after he successfully predicted the outcome of the Champions League final.

Xabi Alonso scores goal from own half, fan makes £25,000

In 2006, an English soccer fan bet £200 at 125-1 odds that Liverpool, a defensive midfielder, would score a goal from his own half at some point during that season, BBC reported. Paddy Power was so confident it couldn't happen that they called his bet “the easiest £200 we had ever made.” Instead, Alonso accomplished the feat against Luton Town, and the fan earned £25,000.