LulzSec did it again and this time it isn't 'just another target'. In a major embarrassment for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), their public website went offline on Wednesday during the early evening hours of ET, within 20 miuntes of LulzSec's tweet: Tango down - - for the lulz. The world's most famous spy agency website was taken out for about a couple of hours before it was back online.

The hacker group responsible for the security breach of PBS, Sony, Nintendo, Fox, Bethesda Softworks, FBI affiliate Infragard, US Senate website among its high profile targets tweeted after the CIA outage: Lulz Security, where the entertainment is always at your expense, whether you realize it or not. Wrecking your infrastructures since 2011.

The assault on CIA was by denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) in which the target is saturated by an overload of external access requests thereby rendering it inaccessible for legitimate requests.

The virtually connected individuals that form the hacker group don't claim a political propaganda. Nevertheless after Anonymous, LulzSec apparently have taken over the responsibility to protect free speech and more or less show an inclination towards organizations that stand for freedom of speech and transparency. PBS documentary Frontline which showed WikiLeaks in unfavorable light had triggered LulzSec to taunt the organization. The twitter feed relating to CIA attack has also been a pointer in the same direction.

WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA who has task force into WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks' tweet read.

LulzSec Twitter follower number has skyrocketed to more than 163,000.

Patrick Gray of the Risky Business security podcast wrote a funny rant titled 'Why we secretly love LulzSec' that said: LulzSec is running around pummeling some of the world's most powerful organizations into the ground... for laughs! For lulz! For s***s and giggles! Surely that tells you what you need to know about computer security: there isn't any.

LulzSec had earlier announced a hotline number for people to contact them for feedback and for suggesting new targets. The tweet read: Call us: 614-LULZSEC (now accepting calls) | Join the party: (port 6697 for SSL channel #LulzSec or

After four hours of taking out CIA site LulzSec tweeted: Goodnight twitter. The CIA anti-lizards will probably rise from the packet sea while we rest our shining-yet-saturated power field arrays.