If you want to take down a company’s website, Lulzsec, the hackers of Sony, PBS, FBI, the US senate, CIA, pornography and gaming websites, are taking up hack requests to help you.

Now accepting calls from true Lulz fans - let's all laugh together at butthurt gamers. 614-LULZSEC, accepting as many as we can, let's roll, read a tweet from the merry hackers, after Titanic Takeover Tuesday saw the disruption of the websites for The Escapist and the IT security company Finfisher, as well as the login servers for EVE Online, Minecraft and League of Legends.

The group said, they received 5,000 missed calls and 2,500 voicemails, few hours after the request line was set up.

The area code 614, represents the metropolitan area of Columbus and Ohio, but its unsure if the same number will be used in future.

On Calling the number, there was only a standard outgoing voice-mail message from Pierre Dubois,” reported Yahoo News. Later the number was removed off the list.

It was a very tricky move by posting a number in the blog, where anonymous users can recommend future victims of the group's illegal activity.

“My guess is that LulzSec is being careful to cover its tracks and hide their location. The danger for LulzSec, of course, is that they may get cocky and make a stupid mistake, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at U.K.-based Sophos Security and author of its Naked Security blog said.