Hacking group LulzSec is back and this time they have targeted Rupert Murdoch's New Corp. They hacked the Sun's website and placed a fake story on top of the website's actual content, reporting that Rupert Murdoch has been found dead.


LulzSec also claimed that it is 'sitting on Sun's email' and would release the emails on Tuesday, the Guardian reported.

They tweeted email addresses of Rebekah Brooks, who recently resigned her post as chief executive of News International, the British division of News. Corp and said they knew her password combination.

LulzSec after hacking the Sun website, put up the fake news page into the News International system and changed the code for the breaking news banner on the Sun's site. When the Sun page refreshed, readers were redirected to a fake page on the New Times site, LA times reported.

LulzSec and company later redirected the websites to its Twitter account.

This is only the beginning. Fuck you Murdoch. You are next, tweeted the person behind the LulzSec Twitter account.

The website was inaccessible on Monday afternoon, but screen shots of the page, captured before it was taken off line, show a headline that says Media Moguls Body Discovered and a story that said he had taken a large quantity of palladium, a metal that resembles platinum, Cnet reported.

The News Corp. hack comes a day before Murdoch is set to appear in British Parliament for phone hackings conducted by the News of the World tabloid employees.

LulzSec, on June 25, announced that it is disbanding after 50 days of hacking. Before disbanding LulzSec, with Anonymous under Operation Anti-Security, declared war against government entities.

Not so fun to get hacked Mr. Murdoch, is it? u MAD?, LulzSec retweeted on its account.