The 2011 lunar eclipse-- believed to bring one of the darkest nights in roughly a century-- was not visible in North America.

That's too bad for Rep. Anthony Weiner.


Because nobody can see your Weiner in a deep lunar eclipse.

Some good reasons to eclipse Weiner's place in the media spotlight:

1. The Weiner's weiner jokes are getting way out of hand. The same people who brought you Obama condoms are now making Anthony Weiner condoms, instructing love-makers to Protect Your Weiner-And your Tweets.

2. Obama's uninspiring I'd think about quitting if I were you-- That's gotta hurt. 

3. Weiner's wife is pregnant with a baby that will inevitably grow up to see the not-so-flattering, blurry pictures of his father's penis currently circuiting through the Internets like wildfire. Those pictures need to go. 

4.  AND IF ALL THAT WASN'T REASON ENOUGH TO HIDE OUT IN AN ECLIPSE, THE LATEST: Cross-dressing photos of Weiner have emerged.

Maybe all of Weiner's bad luck is actually related to the eclipse? That's what the Chinese as well as the Australians and Americans are saying!

ANYWAYS, with the close of all the lunar eclipse hullabaloo, let's hope the constant barrage of Weiner stories ends too. Who cares? Puritanical hypocrites should give the poor guy a break.