Argentina woman Anaila Bouter gave birth to her child prematurely on April 3. The 29-year-old mom had only been 26 weeks pregnant. What was to be her fifth child, the hospital in Resistencia informed the mother that the baby was stillborn. Bouter received a death certificate for her baby daughter, but a miracle happened 12 hours later.

Bouter and her husband, Fabian Veron, went to the hospital morgue to say goodbye to their first daughter, reported Good Morning America. The baby had been nailed inside a coffin and placed inside a refrigerated room. [My husband] used a lever and opened the coffin, Bouter told a local newspaper.

The mom was shocked when the baby, who was wrapped in a white blanket, stretched and let out a cry. This is a message, she told the newspaper, a miracle.

The couple named their baby Luz Milagros, or light miracle.

An investigation is currently being conducted for five doctors at the Argentina hospital. Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, said Rafael Sabatinelli, undersecretary of health for Argentina's Chaco province. They will have to answer for this.

Bouter said that her daughter was born at 10:24 a.m., and had already been placed in the drawer at 11:05 a.m. At first the doctors said that she was born dead, then said she died shortly after birth because she was too small to survive, said Bouter.

Doctors are stumped as to how the baby was declared stillborn. Hospital director Joe Luis Meirino said that hypothermia could be to blame for her lack of vital signs.

But for Bouter, who is to blame is pretty far from her mind. The mom said she is just overjoyed with the miracle of God.