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Sorry, maybe tomorrow. The release date for Apple's Mac OSX Lion, the latest operating system for Mac frequenting headlines, has not yet been confirmed by Apple but is due to drop before July 19.

Analysts say that in order to increase its profit margins, Apple will officially release the new OS X Lion software available for purchase before it reports its third quarter earnings next Tuesday, as said in

Introduced back in June, Mac OSX Lion has 250 new features. The current operating system, Mac OSX 10.6, was released over two years ago, proving to be an imminent moment for Apple to upgrade, just in time for its third quarter report.

While the new Mac OSX Lion software could be released and downloadable as soon as Friday to the public, the updated MacBook Air to launch later this month will be the first computer equipped with the brand new software. The new MacBook Air Machines will feature new faster Sandy Bridge processors along with the ultra-fast I/O connector technology ThunderBolt connector to accompany the new operating system.

The current generation of MacBook Air has Mac OSX 10.6, which was released over two years ago, postulating that now is the perfect time for Apple to release new software and products.

Upon its release, the new OS X Lion operating system will cost $29.99 for a software upgrade.

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