While Apple is busy preparing for its “Hello again” event this Thursday, tech sites are hard at work in looking for evidence to support the claim that the upcoming MacBook Pro iteration will sport the rumored OLED touch panel. This Tuesday, solid evidence to prove the existence of the dynamic panel has finally been uncovered. 

According to MacRumors, official images depicting the OLED touch panel came with macOS Sierra 10.12. 1 that was officially released on Monday. The images give consumers the first full look at the new hardware feature that is bringing more advanced functionality to the redesigned laptop. 

The touch panel — reportedly going to be called as “Magic Toolbar” — in the leaked images appears to be in black color, which has the same shade as the keys underneath it. To the far right is the power button that appears to have a darker shade of black. Since there is no gap between the toolbar and the power button, it would take a closer look at the leaked images to notice the latter. 

Just like what previous rumors claimed, the Touch ID sensor is going to be embedded into the power button. This is shown in one of the images wherein the user could be seen authorizing an Apple Pay purchase by placing the index finger on top of the power button. 

The Magic Toolbar is mostly black in the leaked images, so it’s really hard to tell what other virtual function keys it is capable of rendering. AppleInsider noted that aside from displaying a notification pointing to the power button when authorizing an Apple Pay transaction, the OLED touch display also shows a digital Cancel key on the far left of the bar where the Escape physical button is typically found. 

The leaked images showcase the 13-inch MacBook Pro, so it is now clear that part of the redesign is the addition of speaker grilles on either side of the keyboard for this variant. Furthermore, the images reportedly give a glimpse of the redesigned hinge. Apart from these, the photos do not reveal other details about the new laptop. However, MacRumors insists that if rumors are to be believed, the  new MacBook Pro models are going to be thinner and lighter. 

Apple’s new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros are expected to debut at the Cupertino giant’s Cupertino, Calif. event this Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. A refresh of the MacBook Air line is also expected to be unveiled at the event.