Apple is expected to announce several things during its event on Thursday, one of them being a new MacBook Pro. While details about the latest products have not been confirmed, there are plenty of rumors surrounding the popular laptop.

Below are five features we may see Apple announce about it's latest version of the popular laptop.

1. USB-C ports

People are fond of USB ports because it allows them to back up information and store media and other important files on external hard drives. However, it is rumored that Apple will be getting rid of the USB ports from their latest models and will be replacing them with Thunderbolt C and USB-C connectors which are thinner than USB chargers. This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has gotten rid of a popular feature, the company left out the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 which received mixed reviews.

2. New color options

While other Apple products like iPads, Macs and iPhones come in colors like space gray, rose gold, gold, silver and jet black (iPhone 7), the MacBook Pro has not been as fortunate in the color palette department. Back in 2006, a black MacBook was on sale for two years however, it was plastic unlike the aluminum body used for the MacBook Pro. In 2011, it was rumored that the idea of creating black aluminum MacBooks was nixed because the powder-coating technique used did not meet the company’s standards. However, five years later things may have changed.

3.  A “Magic Toolbar”

Apple is expected to unveil an OLED touch bar which will replace the traditional functions that were placed at the top of the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. Leaked photos of the newest model show a strip on top of the keyboard rather than the keys that you can physically press that are usually featured on the MacBook Pro. By tapping the strip, a set of controls will become available as well as notifications depending on what app you are in, Tech Times reported.

4. A thinner laptop

The MacBook Pros that are rumored to come in 13-inches and 15-inches are expected to be thinner than previous models. Compared to previous MacBook Pro models, the new one is expected to have a wider trackpad and shallower curves around the edges, Bloomberg notes.

5. Upgrades

A KGI report stated that there would be “many” major upgrades, however, there is no further information on what they may be and which MacBook Pro it will be featured on. In Apple tradition, it is likely that the 15-inch laptop will see better upgrades. Following the announcement of the iPhone 7 some were disappointed about the internal upgrades given to the new generation phone, reviews suggested that consumers hold off on purchasing the device due to its likeness to the iPhone 6s.