Love was in the air during the Valentine’s Day-themed episode of “Mad Men.” And we have to admit, even we were feeling Cupid’s arrow! But just because the AMC hit drama had us seeing fireworks doesn’t mean every character in Matthew Weiner’s series was so lucky.

In view of the array of emotions expressed in “A Day’s Work,” we’ve decided to break down the episode into the most crucial scenes to help you understand episode 2. So, if you happened to miss last night’s episode due to Easter guests who overstayed their welcome, then today’s your lucky day. Are you ready for a quick recap of the five most important moments?

1. Peggy’s flowers were cursed: Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that when you "assume" you make an "ass out of you and me"? And that’s exactly what happened to our overconfident gal when an arrangement of flowers appeared in her office.

Despite the lack of card, Peggy figured that the gorgeous bouquet full of red roses was for her — and sent by her former flame Ted. In a fit of rage, Elisabeth Moss’ character’s leaves a clumsy, not-so-subtle message to Ted’s secretary to relay. But when Ted finally got whiff of the message he must have been utterly confused, seeing as he’s not the one who sent the flowers.

As it turns out, the Valentine’s Day gift was sent to Peggy’s secretary Shirley by her fiancé. Peggy learned the truth when she told Shirley to throw out the bouquet because it was “cursed.” But Shirley refuses and reveals that the arrangement was actually for her. In sheer humiliation, Peggy snapped, “You have a ring on. We all know that you’re engaged. You did not have to embarrass me. Grow up!” Yikes.

2. Don gets the lowdown: Dear old Don is in a frat boy funk. He’s sleeping in until noon, making meals out of Ritz crackers and making friends with the cockroaches that scurry by him. But there’s one lovely lady who can make him tidy up his apartment and throw on a tie — and it’s his former secretary, Dawn. Dawn has agreed to keep her former boss up to date with all the shenanigans occurring in SC&P. But once Dawn leaves his presence, Don unfastens his tie and slinks back down into his gloomy slump.

3. Dawn gets a storyline: Although Don’s grim circumstances put a damper on episode 2, we didn’t allow the depressing scene mask our excitement to see Dawn (and Shirley for the matter) get their own storyline.

The ladies of SC&P might not be the head honchos of the corporation, but they are just as — if not more — cunning than the men in suits. These sassy women know how to get what they want (like Joan’s old office) without sacrificing their morals. You know, like allowing one to speak down to them just because the color of their skin or their gender.

What happens is that Dawn gets berated by Lou for not being at her desk when Sally came in looking for her father, who is currently not working for the company do to his “erratic” behavior. Dawn fires back, saying she was spending her lunch break getting a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for Lou’s wife. Lou then asks Joan to find him a new secretary in hopes of replacing Dawn. Shirley then becomes Lou’s new right hand girl and Dawn gets promoted to being in charge of personnel. We can’t wait to see fric and frac take on the bullies of SC&P when episode 3 airs.

4. Sally learns the truth: After Sally loses her wallet, she pays her dad a visit to get train fare. But she learns he’s no longer sitting behind a desk at SC&P, thus catching him in another lie. She confronts her father about the fibs, saying it’s “more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than for you to be lying.”

So, Don tells her the truth. “I didn’t behave well,” he said. “I told the truth about myself, but it wasn’t the right time.” Her dad admits he’s “ashamed” about his state of affairs, which is why he kept Sally in the dark. His eldest child shows her appreciation for the truth by telling her father something he hasn’t heard in years — that she loves him.

5. Big ideas for big egos: Pete lands a huge account in the beginning of episode 2. But it’s eventually axed by his bosses, causing Pete to cook up a wild idea of starting his own firm. He serves the ambitious idea to Ted, but Bonnie brings the boys back down to planet Earth when she tells them that they’re both salespeople, which means they need to roll with the punches.

What was your favorite moment of episode 2 of “Mad Men”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.