The grieving father of the Badger children has taken the first steps in a lawsuit claiming regarding the Christmas Day fire in Connecticut that the lives of his three daughters.

Matthew Badger filed preliminary court papers in Stamford Probate Court, seeking to become the administrator of his daughters' estates for a possible wrongful-death claim, reported the New York Post.

Richard Emery who is representing Matthew Badger said that he has no intention of filing a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Madonna Badger. Madonna survived the Christmas Day fire at her Stamford House, along with her boyfriend. Her three daughters, Lily, 9, and 7-year-old twins Sarah and Grace, succumbed to the blaze. Madonna's parents, Lomer and Pauline Johnson, were also killed.

Emery was critical of Madonna's boyfriend, Michael Boricna, who was the contractor leading the renovations to the $1.7 million home.

That fact is that Borcina was the contractor on the job. He was aware of the dangers, or should have been aware of dangers, that a civilian would have been unaware of, Emery told The Post, The fact that kids were living in this house was unbelievable . . . I don't hold Madonna Badger responsible for that at all because I can't imagine she would have understood the immediacy of the dangers.

Stamford police are currently investigating if Borcina and Madonna Badger should be arrested for manslaughter or other charges. Investigators discovered that the house had no certificate of occupancy, no working smoke-detectors and that the last inspection of the construction site took place last summer.

Emery was also critical of the Stamford buildings department, who ordered the house to be torn down before a thorough fire investigation took place.

It raises all kinds of very serious suspicions that the house was destroyed . . . before anybody with expertise outside the city of Stamford was called in, [such as] insurance experts, State Police experts, said Emery.

Madonna Badger's lawyer, Stand Wardy Jr. said he had not seen the probate court filing. Borcina's attorney, Eugene Riccio, also had not seen it.

Matthew Badger also announced that he was starting his own foundation, the Lilly,Sarah, Grace Fund, to honor the memory of his deceased children. The fund will support the arts in public elementary schools.

I adored and cherished my girls, Matthew Badger said on the on the foundation's Web site, This fund is not only for children, teachers, education, schools, and my little girls; it is my way of remaining their father. While honoring their names and what they believed in, we are allowing Lily, Sarah and Grace to bring change to those in need.