During a press conference, Madonna appeared ungrateful when a fan gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas, muttering under her breath about how she hates the particular flower.

The male fan walked up to Madge during the Venice Film Festival press conference for her new film W.E. and presented a bunch of purple-blue flowers.

Madonna accepted the flowers smiling and saying Thank you. Afterward she rolled her eyes and made a sour face while hiding them underneath her seat. Little did Madonna know, the entire incident was caught on microphone and camera.

I absolutely loathe hydrangeas, she said to Andrea Riseborough, star of W.E. who was sitting on her right. He [the fan] obviously doesn't know that.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fan who gave her the flowers approached Madonna, asking where the bouquet went.

Madonna reportedly said, Oh, um, my assistant took them.

Madonna also announced during the festival that she is currently working on a new album. Her 12th studio album will debut in spring 2012 as part of her new deal with Live Nation signed in 2007.

[I've] started a little bit of work in the studio, Madonna told Sweden's Sveriges Television. The Material Girl said she will record in New York until the end of the year.