“Mafia III” players who may already be bored with the weapons the action-adventure video game came with when it debuted in October should check out the new DLC pack that is free to download for all players. The pack, which is called “Golden Gun,” apparently brings with it three new weapons that will surely make the game even more exciting.

According to GearNuke, “Mafia III’s” “Golden Sun” DLC pack is the first free DLC for gamers, and it does not disappoint when it comes to bringing something new to the table. For one thing, this pack contains three new weapons: a .30 rifle, a shotgun and a pistol.

Each weapon has a special name. The .30 rifle is called The Praecisione or Judge, the shotgun is The Exterminatore or Jury, while the pistol is The Silentium or Executioner. All guns have two things in common: they are gold colored and they share similar engravings that make them appear elegant in a way.

The free DLC expands the in-game arsenal of players. Explaining what sets each weapon apart from the others, 2K Games wrote specific descriptions, detailing the application of each gun. For example, The Praecisione is said to have long-range accuracy that shall stimulate fear among enemies. On the other hand, The Exterminatore is described to have a higher firing rate and increased ammo capacity. As for The Silentium, it has increased ammo capacity and is perfect for the close-range executioner.

The three new weapons just mark the start of the new features that are coming to “Mafia III” post-launch. PlayStationLifeStyle.net has learned that more vehicle customization options, personalized license plates, as well as paint jobs, are already in the pipeline for Hangar 13 and 2K Games’ title.

Meanwhile, for players who are eager to know more about the stories in New Bordeaux, there are three paid expansions that reveal more details about “Lincoln Clay’s time in New Bordeaux,” 2K Games stated as quoted by GameSpot. “As these stories will reveal, the Italian Mafia isn't the only threat Lincoln faces…"