For PC players who have yet to pay a visit to Steam lately, they will likely be surprised of the digital distribution platform’s new look. The redesign is all thanks to the Discovery Update 2.0 that Valve launched this Monday.

Though Steam has a redesigned storefront, it is still just as easy to navigate as the previous one. What the Discovery Update 2.0 simply did is enhance some aspects of the original Discovery Update that was launched in 2014.

According to Gamasutra, the original Discovery Update was made in order for the platform to catch up with the increasing tide of video games being released at the time. Thus, it changed the user experience of the platform by adding the Steam Curators system, the Discovery Queue and the Steam storefront, which is designed to display recommended titles based off of previous purchases made by the user.

With the Discovery Update 2.0, certain features have been enhanced to provide users with a more straightforward experience. For example, the lists on the Steam store will now exclude titles that were already bought or were marked as “not interested” by the user. This is to ensure that only games that players have yet to encounter will be shown.

Another notable enhancement is found in the Steam Curators system. This section has now been expanded. Most of the games that are displayed on the front page now have screenshots to give players a clear view of what they can expect from them. 

On top of the enhancements, there is a new feature that’s been added to the system. According to Valve, the redesign comes with an Updates and Offers tab that shows new release info and sales tips. This way, players can view these details readily whenever they start or exit a game.

Overall, Discovery Update 2.0 brings more personalizations to the digital platform. GameSpot details that with the update, players can now easily access certain options directly from each game tile, view recommended games based on what’s trending with the user’s friends and filter content based on certain categories.

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