Search and recovery officials have spotted possible fragments from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 off the coast of Vietnam, but they're waiting until daylight to investigate.

If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., don’t expect many updates before 6 p.m. EST; Kuala Lumpur local time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Until then, here are some updates from around the Web about Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Officials will investigate the sighting of two possible pieces of wreckage off the coast of Vietnam's Tho Chu Island. Reports say one piece spotted off the  island is not a part of the missing plane, but there appears to be more debris awaiting investigation.

There are now 40 ships and 34 aircraft from nine countries searching for the plane, according to the BBC.

A pilot of a nearby flight said he established contact with the plane at the request of Vietnamese aviation authorities, just before it went missing in the early hours of Saturday local time. Vietnam believes the plane never entered its airspace, but that the plane that established contact was "deep into Vietnamese airspace." The pilot said there was static and interference on the line, but that he heard "mumbling from the other end."

Radar evidence shows that the flight may have turned back towards Kuala Lumpur before disappearing.

Sand sculptors created a somber but impressive sculpture expressing hope for MH370 at Puri Beach, India:


Media magnate Rupert Murdoch hasn’t hesitated to blame jihadists for the crash and offer it as an opportunity for the U.S. to court China.