Marco Simoncelli's fatal crash on Sunday has left a great deal of sorrow over MotoGP.

It was a heartbreaking tragedy that saw the 24-year-old Italian star die after suffering chest, head and neck injuries when he lost control of his Honda during the Malaysian Grand Prix. At Turn 11, just four minutes into the race, Simoncelli's bike swerved across the track, where he ended up in the path of Valentino Rossi and American Colin Edwards. 

After the collision, Simoncelli was motionless on the track, and his helmet had come off.

It was the first death in more than eight years for MotoGP, and recalls the tragic fatal crash of another respected rider.

Daijiro Kato died from injuries in April 2003 at the Japanese Grand Prix and was considered a major loss for the sport. Kato lost control and struck a barrier, and his head had hit the edge of the foam barrier.

Much like Simoncelli, Kato sustained a hard crash and died due to head, neck and chest injuries. The way the crash took place was much different from Simoncelli's, but was roughly as devastating.

Kato entered Grand Prix in 1996, and died at age 26.