Will she take him back, like so many political wives before her?

TMZ reports that Maria Shriver is rethinking her decision to divorce her disgraced husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even after he cheated on her and sired a son with their maid.

Shriver, who was raised Catholic, is reportedly struggling with the idea of divorce because of her religious background.

The Roman Catholic church forbids divorce, and will not acknowledge the legal dissolution of a marriage (annulments are permitted in some circumstances, however).

Further complicating Shriver's decision are Arnold's extremely sweet efforts to try and win her back. According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger has offered gifts and made numerous gestures in an attempt to reconcile.

A source told People magazine that Shriver spent time with Schwarzenegger and their children over the Christmas holiday in their Brentwood, Calif., home.

They had a really nice time, the source said.

Shriver and her husband have been known for presenting a united front when it comes to their children, so it is not entirely unexpected that the two would spend their holiday as a family.

An unnamed witness saw the couple and their children together at Christmas Eve mass on Saturday.

They were serious but seemed like one family unit, the source told Us magazine. The kids were between them most of the time, but Arnold and Maria definitely seemed civil and would talk once in a while. They hugged the pastor at the end of the service and seemed warm and happy.

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