Singer Mariah Carey is already discussing marriage with her new billionaire boyfriend, James Packer, just days after they started dating, TMZ reported, citing sources close to Carey. The couple has been reportedly hopping from one country to another on Packer's yacht since late last week.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Packer is obsessed with Carey and that he has already announced that he wants to marry her. While Carey is reportedly open to a marriage with the Australian media baron, the earliest she can do so is after she is officially divorced from Nick Cannon, the American rapper she married in 2008.

The TMZ report, which published a photograph of the new couple on the boat, wearing matching robes, also cited the sources expressing doubts given the speed at which the relationship seems to have progressed.

An earlier report by TMZ said that Packer threw a party for Carey off the coast of Sardinia on Sunday, where he played all her songs all the time. The report also added, citing sources, that Packer had been pursuing Carey for months and even went to one of her shows in Las Vegas last month.