It seems that Marilyn Monroe loved the camera even before she got famous -- at least that's what it looks like in vintage film footage recently found by a couple from Australia. Ray and Sue Jenkins claim to have found a historic piece of memorabilia, rare footage of what appears to be the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” actress and Playboy cover model before she was famous.

The black-and-white film clip, which shows Monroe (born Norma Jean Baker) posing outdoors on a wicker chair and stripping down to expose a black bikini and her famous curves, is currently for sale by the couple, reported AU News. The Jenkins said they’re unsure how the vintage footage came into their possession but that they're planning to sell it in hopes of paying off their mounting medical bills.

See clips from the rare video of Marilyn Monroe here.

“I need extra money because the costs involved in running to Adelaide for treatment, etc., it’s just too much for us,” said Ray Jenkins, who suffered a brain injury 12 years ago. His wife, Sue, is also battling medical issues and is preparing to undergo exploratory cancer surgery. “It would take a lot of financial pressure off and probably make her feeling better mentally,” he said.

The couple decided to sell the film roll after hearing reports that similar footage of the star sold in the U.S. in the past for $150,000.

The deceased star made headlines earlier this month when it was revealed that former Hollywood private investigator Fresh Otash spied on Monroe and her former lover, President John F. Kennedy. Otash’s files, released by his daughter Colleen after his death, claimed that he allegedly filmed a sex tape starring the famous duo while on an assignment to monitor the home of actor Peter Lawford, following the orders of Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon.

“When the original Lawford house was wired, Monroe was not part of the plan,” Otash told Vanity Fair before his death in 1992. “Yes, I did hear a tape of Jack Kennedy f---king Marilyn Monroe,” he said, his recently released files confirming the audio tape has since disappeared.