Speculations about the paternity of Michael Jackson’s son Prince took a new twist on Sunday after the celebrated singer’s close friend Mark Lester claimed that actor Marlon Brando may be Prince’s real father. Lester said, according to the Sun, that Michael had asked “The Godfather” actor Marlon Brando to donate sperm.

“Michael asked all of his closest friends, Uri (Uri) to Corey (Feldman) and Marlon (Brando) to Macaulay (Culkin). Macaulay was younger at the time but it was never dismissed as a possibility,” Lester, who is godfather to Michael’s three children, said, according to the Sun, adding: “Marlon obviously would have been in his mid-sixties or even slightly older but these things still happen...There’s also the possibility that something could’ve been put on ice.”

Lester said that he had met Brando at the Michael’s Neverland ranch, just before Brando’s death in 2004 at the age of 80. “I went round to say hello to Brando. He was sat with his eyes closed with Michael and as I got in close he suddenly opened his eyes. It scared the life out of me. He looked remarkably like Prince does now.”

Lester also said, according to the Sun, that he has always wondered if he was the biological father of Prince’s younger sister Paris. He said that he is willing to take a DNA test once Paris turns 18 next year, “if she wants me to.” The youngest of the three children, Blanket, is believed to be the only biological child of Michael.

Another friend of Michael's who closely resembles Prince is Arnold Klein, who was the singer’s former dermatologist. Lester also said that Michael’s addiction to painkillers was “kick-started by Klein.” Lester added that Klein, who suffered from multiple-sclerosis, made sure his sperm sample was considered first, but “Klein was no good for Michael. He was out for his own gain.”

“It would not surprise me if he inseminated his own sperm into Debbie (Rowe, Michael’s wife),” Lester reportedly said, adding: “Klein would’ve been in control of the whole thing and his link to Debbie makes him the most likely candidate to be Prince’s father.”

“He bears more than a passing resemblance,” Lester added, according to the Sun. However, Lester criticized Klein by saying that he was one of the “worst things that ever happened to Michael.”

Lester said: “Michael had terrible vitiligo, which spread to his face and gave him white blotches on his otherwise black skin, adding: “He needed it treated but I think Klein saw him as a cash cow and bled him for as much as he could.”

Just hours before Klein’s death in October 2015, Prince had replied to a tweet by saying: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” adding: “I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.”

“Michael was not really interested in the act of sex but rather wanted one of his inner circle to help him…He came to me on the phone one day in the Nineties and said I was clearly doing something right as I’d had four children. I thought it was a joke, then realized he was serious,” Lester reportedly said.

“I helped him but I have heard there was around half a dozen of his close circle…He was very close with Macaulay and I would be surprised if he wasn’t asked, despite him being 16 or so,” Lester said, adding: “For Michael it was all about aesthetics — he wanted the right genes for his kids.”