It’s time for the newlyweds to communicate. In “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 9, all of the couples went to therapy. Psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona sat down with each of the couples, individually and together, to discuss any problems they were facing. Each husband and wife discussed their issues and the reasons for their arguments.

Jessica and Ryan D.

After all of their recent fighting, Ryan De Nino finally gave Jessica Castro the opportunity to speak without interruption. She said that he was putting her down and that she didn’t feel respected. Ryan apologized to his wife, and Jessica forgave him. She wanted to work on their relationship. “Divorce is not a word that’s in my vocabulary,” she said.

After they made up, they went to their first session with a “Married at First Sight” expert. Dr. Joseph sat down with Jessica first, and she was honest about her communication problems. She cried when she spoke about their recent fights where Ryan told Jessica that she thinks she’s better than others.

When Ryan came in for his individual session, he admitted that he was very assertive. The psychologist told him that he needed to stop getting so angry and frustrated when Jessica had trouble communicating.

Then Dr. Joseph brought them into his office together. Ryan said that he realized how much his negative reactions hurt Jessica, and it was recommended that Jessica write down all of the words she didn’t want Ryan to use toward her.

“They’ve definitely had their ups and downs and it’s been a roller coaster for them both in their own ways,” Dr. Joseph said. “But I really think they have what it takes and I’m very hopeful that they can make it through this.”

Jessica decided to go out with Ryan’s mother for dinner. The new wife got advice about her husband from the woman who knows him best. Her best piece of guidance was to learn how to compromise.

The couple was happy with their therapy session, and Jessica started working on the homework. She showed her husband what words she didn’t want him to say, but instead of accepting the list, Ryan decided to edit it. He took off “selfish” and “stupid” because he felt that they were words that were easily used every day. Jessica put her foot down and said that he couldn’t use those words towards her, and Ryan decided to respect her decision.

Davina and Sean

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio seemed to be meeting with Dr. Joseph at a good time in their relationship. They weren't fighting a lot. However, they had a slight disagreement right before they went in for their meeting. Davina asked Sean about what he found most beneficial in talking about their childhood, but he didn’t return the question after he answered. Davina felt like he didn’t show enough interest in her.

Sean sat down with Dr. Joseph first. He said that they weren’t really focused on each other. They were distracted with adjustments, and they were not really connecting.

Davina said that she felt like she had to apologize for who she was and broke down in tears. She said that she didn’t want to be the girl asking for affection. She was angry that she was spending so much time making sure that he was okay, and he wasn’t really focusing on her needs. She worried that he wasn’t really into her and said his anxiety made him weak.

Dr. Joseph stopped Davina and showed her a clip from her introduction interview before she married Sean. “Even when the men have been, I think, good and decent men, I have questioned every little thing and looked for red flags when maybe they weren’t necessarily red flags,” Davina had said in the interview.

Davina realized that she may have been repeating old habits. Dr. Joseph said that Sean’s reactions might not be about any sort of rejection.

The new wife explained to Sean that she felt rejected and worthless. When Sean said she wasn’t worthless, Davina got angry. She assumed it was because he just wanted to smooth things over and make her feel better. Sean said that every time he tried to make her feel better, she shut him down.

Dr. Joseph said that he had to keep trying to get through to her, even if she made him feel like she didn’t want his kind words. He also told Davina that she needed to take down her defenses a little bit and be vulnerable with her husband. He recommended that they also try to rearrange her work schedules or other appointments to spend more time together.

They felt better after the appointment and decided to have a little fun. Davina bought Lego sets for her husband. She wanted something playful for them to do together. There was a city set to represent her, and then there was a farm set for him.

Though they made every effort to see each other, Sean’s job would keep him in New Jersey for several days and Davina had a business trip. They were still dedicated to putting the work in and hoped that they could stay on a good page through their time apart.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone got into a bit of a fight before Jaclyn went on a business trip. Ryan seemed to doubt their relationship. After Jaclyn got to Florida, Ryan didn’t reach out to her for a while. When they talked over webcam for the first time, Jaclyn said she wasn’t happy with him.

“If he’s already mentally closed off and he’s checked out of this, then I’m also gonna do the same,” Jaclyn told the cameras. “And I’m gonna put a stop to whatever feelings I have that are growing because I don’t want to beg somebody to want to be with me.”

Ryan picked up his wife at the airport. “I don’t want to abandon her and I kind of feel like I abandoned her,” he told the cameras. He told Jaclyn that he didn’t want to hurt her.

Ryan admitted that he was scared to see Dr. Joseph. They weren’t at a place in their relationship where he thought they’d be. He honestly thought he’d be happier.

Then, Jaclyn admitted to him that she’d have left him if it weren’t for the experiment. She was an “all or nothing” kind of person, and he wasn’t giving his all. Ryan said he didn’t blame her and knew he wasn’t being open enough. He was still committed to making it work, and Jaclyn said they were starting from the beginning as just friends again.

“Going back to the friend zone isn’t exactly ideal for me at this point, but I don’t know if I have the capacity now to kind of let him back in,” Jaclyn said.

In her session with Dr. Joseph, Jaclyn revealed that she was closer to him after they had sex. However, that was when Ryan started to pull away.

Ryan said that he suddenly felt “trapped” and started to miss his pre-marriage life. He admitted that he wasn’t open enough with Jaclyn, and they had taken a couple steps backwards.

When they were brought in for their session together, Jaclyn said that she felt insecure after she opened up only to find him closing himself off. Ryan said he “emotionally abandoned” his wife. He apologized and said that he appreciated when she opened up to him.

Dr. Joseph told them that they just had to talk more. At home, Ryan said that he felt horrible about their issues. He didn’t want to hurt her, and he apologized. They hugged, but it isn't clear if they'll be anything more than friends in the future.

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