With only one week left in the experiment, it was time for the couple to make their final efforts in “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 12. Each couple met with another expert, spiritualist Greg Epstein, to talk about what they’ve learned. While some couples seemed stronger than ever, others seemed to be falling apart.

Jessica and Ryan D.

Ryan De Nino said that the experiment's short time span made him realize how much he had to work at being a better man for Jessica Castro. The two really seemed to be getting along and working on their relationship.

When they sat down with Greg, he asked them what they learned during their first month of marriage. Jessica learned to communicate while Ryan said that he learned how to be mindful of how she communicates. Saying everything that was on his mind wasn’t the best way to get through to her.

Greg gave them some homework. He told them to give each other small physical gifts to convey their feelings and also plan some sort of experience together.

Ryan bought Jessica a bottle of her favorite perfume. Jessica was touched that he remembered something she mentioned in the beginning of their marriage. Jess gave him a money clip that had their anniversary along with “best day ever” engraved on it. Ryan thought it was a sweet gesture.

The two went to a romantic dinner, which they hadn’t done since they were on their honeymoon. That ended with the couple’s first fight, so they hoped that this would go better. Ryan told her that he was developing real feelings for her, and the whole night went smoothly.

Jessica was happy with where they were in their marriage, but she said that she still needed to trust him. “I like the person that he is around me now, but I need to know that Ryan’s not going to revert back to that same person that he was before,” Jessica said. “But if we want to stay married, I have to take a leap of faith and I have to learn to trust Ryan. That’s not an easy thing for me.”

Davina and Sean

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio were still on a weekend getaway and hoping to get back to where they were on their wedding day. “I hope to have some sort of a transformation with Sean,” Davina told the cameras. “But unfortunately we are running out of time.”

When the two went back to the city, they met with Greg. He had the newlyweds hold each other’s hands and look into each others’ eyes. Sean and Davina both thought about their wedding day.

When Greg asked how they felt about the experiment ending, Davina immediately got teary eyed. She said that she knew they had this experience for a reason, but it took her a while to see why it went this way. Sean said that he also could see that they were matched for a reason.

Greg told them that their homework assignment was to find a physical gift that could show their feelings. Their second assignment was to plan an experience together.

Back at their apartment, Sean brought home some wedding pictures. Last week, Dr. Pepper Schwartz wasn’t happy that the couple hadn’t decorated and made their place feel like home. They had empty frames on the walls, so they decided to fill them with pictures.

Later, they decided to exchange gifts. He gave her a Bible and asked her to remember the positive messages from it. Davina got him a rosary after remembering that he’d lost a special rosary from his grandfather. They both seemed touched by the presents.

The two spent more time together when they went bowling with his friends in New Jersey and got a little competitive. Sean, who is a regular bowler, ended up losing to his wife. Then they went out to a dinner that Davina planned at an Indian restaurant in New York. Sean was happy to see her putting the effort in to plan a nice night out.

However, Sean put a damper on the night when he told Davina about a promotion opportunity. It was a higher paying job that Sean wanted, but it would force him to live in New Jersey.

Davina accused Sean of not thinking about the commute when he agreed to the experiment. Experts had asked all participants about distance. Davina said she wouldn’t leave the city while Sean said he was willing to commute. Sean admitted that he underestimated the toll traveling to work would take.

“It’s like this guy takes one step forward and then he takes several steps back constantly,” Davina said.

Davina was upset but Sean wasn’t sure what to do. While he wanted to work on his new marriage, he’d been looking at this promotion for two years. He told his wife that he didn’t want to move to New York. Sean said that they had to either try to make it work or get divorced, and Davina didn’t have any response for him.

“At this point, Davina and I have hit rock bottom. We can’t go any lower. I’m going to start digging deep quickly if I want to save our marriage,” Sean said.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

Jaclyn Methuen took Ryan Ranellone to ballroom dancing. When they first tried this on their honeymoon, Jaclyn kept taking the lead. This time, Jaclyn started taking the lead but she quickly let Ryan take over. She said it was symbolic of their relationship.

“I have to take a step back and not always dominate every situation and let him take the lead and let him control the situation,” Jaclyn said.

When they sat down with Greg, Jaclyn noted that she learned how to be less dominant in their relationship. Ryan said he learned how to communicate more and take the lead when he wanted it.

“I do want to see this through. I just, you know, of course I have doubts. This is just a really scary thing and a scary place to be,” Jaclyn told her diary cam.

Later, the two exchanged the physical gifts that Greg told them to find and had a nice laugh. Ryan gave her perfume, and Jaclyn gave her husband a bottle opener and banana socks. Ryan seemed to really like the gift. His wife explained to the cameras that he likes fun socks and he won’t eat bananas in front of her because she doesn’t find it attractive.

As for the experience that Greg wanted them to have, Jaclyn’s idea made her blush. She wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot and take sexy pictures with her husband. They went to a photographer and took pictures in very little clothing. Ryan was in his underwear and socks while Jaclyn was in lingerie. They were both a little uncomfortable at first, but they quickly started to laugh at themselves.

“The vibe is just so much different,” Ryan said. “There’s just much more positive energy in the room.”

Jaclyn and Ryan were both happy that they were in a good place with their marriage. “Part of me feels like we’re in love,” Ryan said to the cameras. 

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