All of the couples were talking about sex in “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 10 -- but none of them were having it. It was time for sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff to meet with the newlyweds, and it seemed like she came at just the right time. Each husband and wife was going through a rough patch this week, and they could definitely use the expert’s advice.

Sean and Davina

Sean Varricchio was working on spending more time in New York, but Davina Kullar had to go on a business trip. Sean decided to spend some time in the city with Davina’s best friend Chris, and they immediately got into personal details. Chris told Sean to make Davina feel wanted and have sex with her already. Sean said they hadn’t done anything “below the neck” since their honeymoon, but he wasn’t really sure when to initiate sex.

“I think I’m kind of caught in this: What’s the right time to kind of be sexual?” Sean explained to the cameras. “I know at heart I’m a very intimate, very sexual person -- I mean like Christian Grey sexual, but the fact is I don’t know about how she feels. But I have to take the lead if this is going to work.”

Sean prepared a breakfast for Davina as soon as she got home. He wanted to put in the effort to make her feel wanted.

Dr. Logan came over to talk to them and showed them a clip from their wedding. She believed they could get back to that. She said that they both needed to claim responsibility for their issues and left them with some homework. They had a fishbowl of questions to ask each other and increase intimacy. They also had to plan a romantic date for each other.

Later, Sean came home from work with an illness, which nixed Davina’s plans for an intimate night. Still, they did their fishbowl project. One of the questions was, “What is the most unusual thing someone has asked you to do in bed?”

Sean revealed that someone asked him to suck her toes. “Would you want to suck on your toes?” Sean asked in disgust. Davina interpreted this as a dare and put her toe in her mouth. They laughed and Davina was happy that they could have playful moments like that.

As they looked through the wedding album that Dr. Logan gave them, Davina revealed that she didn’t plan to kiss Sean at the altar. However, once she saw him, it just felt right. The two were in bed looking through the album, and then Sean decided it was time to sleep. His wife had been hoping for something more.

“How would you feel if you were in bed with a guy and he like doesn’t even try to touch you?” Davina asked the cameras. “I feel like he’s not interested.”

Her husband tried to clean up his act. For a romantic night, he decided to create a space-themed date. He remembered Davina telling him that she loved space and NASA as a kid, so he dressed up their bedroom with plastic, glow-in-the-dark stars and bought moon pies for them. Sean showed her the constellations on a little projector and gave her a massage.

Ryan R. and Jaclyn

Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone were still in a rough patch after Ryan started pulling away, but at least they were having fun together. Jaclyn gave him a manicure and they had a nice laugh.

The couple met with Dr. Logan, and they shared their feelings. Ryan said that he didn’t want to have a lot of sex with Jaclyn because he wasn’t in love with her yet. He felt like it was leading her on. Jaclyn admitted that she immediately felt insecure when he pulled back. Ryan told her that she was stunning. Her looks had nothing to do with it, but his emotions were to blame.

“I feel like you need a clear head for sex,” Ryan said. “I really do think you need to be in the right mind frame to really want to get super into it.” Still, Ryan said that he cared for Jaclyn.

Dr. Logan was sure that they could have a beautiful relationship. She gave them the fishbowl full of questions for them to answer along with their wedding photo album.

For a date, the couple went indoor rock climbing. Ryan said that he wasn’t as adventurous as Jaclyn, but he ended up having a great time. While Jaclyn was on the rock wall, Ryan had her fall into his arms, an act that required serious trust for his wife.

Later, they looked through their wedding album, and Ryan revealed that his first impression was that she was very pretty. However, his wife had to be honest. “I wasn’t that physically attracted to you, I’m so sorry!” Jaclyn said. Ryan said that he was totally fine with it and he had kind of sensed that anyway.

Ryan D. and Jessica

These newlyweds were already in a dry patch with their sex life. Though they weren’t fighting anymore, Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro noted that they hadn’t been intimate lately.

Jessica went to dinner with her friend Rebecca, who asked about her sex life. Jessica revealed that although they started out hot and heavy, things had fizzled out. She said they weren’t in the same place emotionally. Her friend said to be aggressive and explain her feelings. As Jessica thought about her relationship, she wondered if Ryan’s lack of affection had anything to do with his level of attraction to her.

In their session with Dr. Logan, Jessica admitted that she’d like to have sex more. Ryan said he was all for it, but Jessica genuinely wasn’t sure that her husband was interested in her.

Jessica told Ryan that she’d take the lead on holding hands, cuddling and small acts of intimacy because she wanted more of that. Ryan said he would try to remember to do some of those things for her, but he wanted her to take the lead and stop asking permission for those things. Hearing her ask for a kiss made him feel weird. He thought she should just lean in for a kiss when she wanted it. 

Looking through their wedding album, Ryan and Jessica remembered their happy day fondly. They talked about what they immediately noticed about each other and seemed happy. “I think these are the people that we need to come back to for each other,” Jessica said.

Later, Ryan came home after a bad day and found that Jessica set up a scavenger hunt in their apartment. Each note was next to a piece of sushi that led him to the next piece of fish. Eventually the notes brought him to his wife in the bedroom. He appreciated the gesture. After seeing how well their date went, Jessica promised to take more initiative. Ryan gave his wife a massage, and Jess was hopeful that their relationship would work out.

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