The honeymoon isn’t exactly paradise when you’ve never met. The couples continued to get to know each other during their vacations in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 4, but they started to see their differences right away. Whether it was a lack of attraction, trust issues or gender roles, each couple seemed to find something that stressed them out on their honeymoons this week.

Neil and Sam

Sam Role has to go to the dentist during her honeymoon after she gets a sudden toothache. When she wants to leave, Neil Bowlus takes much longer to get ready. “I prefer a guy that is more aggressive in the sense of playing into their gender role,” Sam says.

She criticizes Neil a lot. She doesn’t like that he carries a backpack. She doesn’t like his driving skills. After her dentist’s appointment, she even takes over driving.

Later, Neil says he has been thinking about why they were matched. They agree that it’s because they’re nice people, but Sam says that she is probably more aggressive than what he needs. She admits that she typically dates more dominant men and sees that she has to “wear the pants” in their relationship. Neil knows he is passive, but he isn’t thrilled with Sam’s criticism that he isn’t manly enough for her.

The two play tetherball later and they start fighting. Neil tells Sam to stop attacking his manliness, but she claims she didn’t realize she was hurting him and he waited too long to talk about it. She thinks that he should’ve said that he didn’t like her comments right away and that he can't come back later and say that he has a problem.

They go their separate ways for dinner, and they have a conversation when they come back. Sam apologizes for expressing her feelings as she did, but she says she isn’t sorry for having those feelings. Neil questions what she thinks a man is. Sam wants him to be assertive and dominant.

Neil and Sam decide to start over as friends the next day. Neil admits that he finally feels like they have a friendship. It’s not exactly a romance yet, but at least they’re moving forward.

Later, Neil calls one of his friends to talk about his relationship. He knows that their relationship isn’t perfect, but he trusts that the experts matched them for a reason. Sam talks to her father, who tells her that she can’t expect a guy that she just met to be the person taking care of her all the time.

Things get scary at the end of their honeymoon. While driving back from a fireworks show, Sam accidentally starts driving on the wrong side of the road. She nearly gets into an accident, but Neil stays calm. His soothing voice helps Sam, and she believes it saved her life. They both understand why the experts matched them now.

MAFS David and Ashley David Norton and Ashley Doherty were still quite distant in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 4. Photo: FYI

David and Ashley

David Norton and Ashley Doherty talk about their past relationships and Ashley reveals that her last boyfriend was around for nine years. That relationship ended a year ago.

She tells David that when they go home, she is going to spend a night at her place alone to get her stuff together. It concerns David that she wants to spend time apart already, and he worries that a night could turn into several nights.

However, they still have a few days of their vacation left. The two go on a road trip, and Ashley quickly becomes exhausted. She is tired of small talk, but that won’t stop David from trying. He tells the camera that he can’t read Ashley and isn’t sure how she feels.

They go on a helicopter ride to see Arizona from above, and David gets a little scared. He holds onto Ashley’s knee, and it actually makes his wife a little uncomfortable. He is still a stranger in her personal space.

Ashley worries that she has no romantic feelings for her husband. She finally tells David that, but her husband tries to remain optimistic. He even opts to sleep in another room to make his wife feel more comfortable.

Dr. Logan Levkoff, a sexologist, checks in and tells them to give each other a manicure. She thinks a little physical contact could create some intimacy. Ashley doesn’t find it fun at all. She thinks it’s odd that they’re doing something that she wouldn’t normally do with men. David tells her that she has to stop thinking about being strangers every second. They’ve gotten to know each other over the last few days. They’re new to each other, but they aren’t complete strangers anymore.

Later, Ashley finally opens up and notes how uncomfortable she is. David says that she needs to at least allow them to be friends. Ashley promises to relax and try to be more open.

MAFS Vanessa and Tres Vanessa Nelson worried about Tres Russell's commitment in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 4. Photo: FYI

Tres and Vanessa

Vanessa Nelson is still worried that Tres Russell isn’t committed. Last week, he admitted that he hadn’t thought about marriage much before he saw the opportunity to join the show. Vanessa calls psychologist Joseph Cilona and he tells her to stay calm and assures her that Tres said he has wanted a marriage for the last two years. Cilona tells her not to worry about his lack of commitment until he gives her actual evidence of such a thing. Vanessa decides to reserve her judgment until she gets to know him more.

The two go snorkeling and have a great time. Their honeymoon seems to be drama-free after Vanessa's small freak out, and the bride admits that she could see them falling in love.

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