MAFS Vanessa Tres
Vanessa Nelson starts to see flaws in Tres Russell on their honeymoon in "Married at First Sight" Season 3, episode 3. FYI

The weddings are when the couples get to meet on “Married at First Sight,” but the honeymoons are when they start to really get to know each other. In Season 3, episode 3, the brides and grooms spent their first night together, but it wasn’t exactly sexy. Even though couples usually have sex on their first night of marriage, the “MAFS” pairs were just trying to get to know each other. For some, it was a very awkward experience.

Vanessa and Tres

Tres Russell says he can see himself falling in love with Vanessa Nelson, but they don’t have sex on their wedding night. “I want her to know that I’m willing to go at her pace,” Tres tells the cameras. Vanessa says it’s just too soon, and she wants it to be meaningful.

They receive breakfast in bed and learn they’ll honeymoon in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Once they’re on the beach, Tres admits he has partied and dated a lot in his past, but Vanessa might be able to calm that side of him. Tres hopes his wife doesn’t judge his past, but Vanessa is a little concerned he might not be ready for marriage.

During dinner, Vanessa asks her new husband how long he has wanted to get married. Tres says he was just searching for a serious relationship until he found “Married at First Sight.” It concerns Vanessa that he made this decision so quickly.

Ashley and David

Ashley Doherty and David Norton don’t have sex on their wedding night either, but they do share a bed. Ashley notes they’re actually quite comfortable just sleeping together.

On their honeymoon in Arizona, David admits he’d like to be more physical with her, even if it’s just kissing and holding her, but he wants her to be comfortable. She needs space, and she tells the cameras her husband hasn’t pressured her at all. David clarifies that he expects nothing from her on the honeymoon, that they’re just getting to know each other.

They seem to have a lot of fun on their trip. They ride bikes and try new food. David says he doesn’t eat green things, but he has married a vegetarian. So far, that’s the couple’s only conflict, and it doesn’t seem like a big problem.

MAFS Sam Neil
Neil Bowlus and Sam Role have an awkward honeymoon in "Married at First Sight" Season 3, episode 3. FYI

Sam and Neil

Sam Role says she is a little disappointed that she doesn’t find Neil Bowlus attractive. But she says she won’t give up on their marriage just because of that.

Neil continues their playful relationship when he comes out in a “Big Spoon” onesie. It makes Sam laugh, but she finds it a little weird. She makes sure he takes it off before bed, but they only sleep on their wedding night.

Neil and Sam have an awkward morning, but when they find out that they’re headed to St. Croix, they’re both excited for the getaway.

After Dr. Joseph Cilona, a psychologist, checks in with the couple, Sam knows she has to make sure she puts in the extra effort, even though her husband hasn’t met her expectations. “For me to continue to open up and have conversations is out of my comfort zone altogether,” she explains. “But I know that’s what I have to do if I want to make this work, and I am committed to this marriage.”

Sam doesn’t want to have sex with Neil on the honeymoon. Before they leave, Sam decides to be honest with her husband. She actually tells Neil she isn’t physically attracted to him. Neil knows it’s not the ideal situation and says he isn’t offended. Sam says she knows he is the type of person she needs as a husband, though.

In St. Croix, the couple go snorkeling, even though Sam is afraid of possible sharks. She knows she and Neil won’t be able to bond if they don’t do things together. However, she is a little irritated that Neil never really checks on her or asks if she is OK.

Later, the two actually use pillows to create a barrier between them in the bed. They have a fun pillow fight that eases the tension, but they’re clearly still a little uncomfortable around each other.

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