The “Married at First Sight” reunions can be particularly dramatic. The couples made decisions about their relationships after six weeks of marriage, but six months can change a couple. The past two reunions have revealed divorces shockers. The Season 4 reunion special revealed where all six participants are now, and everyone was anxious to hear if the newlyweds lasted. The FYI reality show’s panel of experts — sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Cal Roberson and communication expert Rachel DeAlto — had plenty of questions for all of them. Their most pressing question was why one husband is no longer wearing his wedding ring.

Tom and Lillian

Tom Wilson says that marriage has been a lot of work. Lillian Vilchez acknowledges their different lifestyles, but she reveals that they’re still married. They’ve moved to a new house, and they’re happy. Lillian and Tom know they were matched because they complement each other. Things are going very well. “We have a very healthy sex life,” Lillian admits.

Since the cameras turned off, Lillian notes that they have to be sure to make time to spend together. They often schedule meals to make sure they get quality time together. The experts are pleased to know that they’re putting in the effort.

They’ve also been compromising. Lillian has even downsized her closet, much to Tom’s surprise. Tom’s wardrobe has gotten a bit nicer too. They’ve really blended their lives together.

After meeting with the experts, Tom and Lillian go on a date to a salsa dancing class. Tom probably isn’t dropping his day job for a stage career, but he and Lillian have a nice laugh. “I think dancing together creates a different type of intimacy between us,” Lillian says.

Later, Tom tells Lillian that he is so happy that he has someone he can rely on. Lillian says she loves knowing that she has someone to come home to. Of course, the bus hasn’t been forgotten. He looks forward to working on the bus with his wife.

The couple goes to the beach and Tom shows his wive a shell. He opens it to reveal an diamond ring to go with her wedding band. “This is a promise to you that I’m going to try to be the best husband that I can be. This is a show of commitment and trying my hardest,” Tom says. Lillian is happy. She believes they can make their marriage last forever.

Tom Lillian Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez are still together in the “Married at First Sight” Season 4 reunion special. Photo: FYI

Derek and Heather

The divorced couple is still broken up, and they’re staying that way. Derek Schwartz says he has a better idea of what he wants in a wife now, but he is not rushing into a relationship at this point. He is open to meeting with Heather again at some point. 

Heather Seidel reveals that she didn’t expect to be so sad. She has always wanted to be married, and she’s upset that it didn’t work out. However, she doesn’t want to see Derek. She knows they can’t be in a romantic relationship.

Though “Married at First Sight” obviously did not work for her, she did get some knowledge out of the experience. She learned that she has to let people in if she wants to ever really grow closer to someone. Pastor Cal notes that she has evolved and grown as a person.

Heather isn’t dating yet, but this experience has changed her. She wants to find a good man to share her life with, and now she has a better idea of what she needs. 

Heather Derek Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz revealed what they learned from “Married at First Sight” Season 4 in the reunion special. Photo: FYI

Nick and Sonia

Sonia Granados says that after the cameras left, their relationship has continued to be rocky. Nick Pendergrast still isn’t very emotional, but they have moments where they really get along. They still have issues with communication. Nick agrees that they’ve had some trouble. He calls their relationship “hit or miss.” Sometimes they get along and sometimes they don’t.

Dr. Pepper notices that Nick isn’t wearing his wedding ring and asks if that means they’ve broken up. He says they are still together, much to the relief of the experts. Nick takes off his ring when he golfs, and he apparently just came from the golf course.

While they still have trouble, they are putting in a lot of effort. Nick says that he can “see the big picture” now. He knows what works for them. Sonia says she feels most comfortable when they’re not doing anything special. She likes just living her life with him.

They’ve overcome a lot. Sonia notes that she needed to understand that their “love languages” are different. She understands that he is trying. “I think each day that passes, he’s showing me that he’s really in it, and he’s looking forward to us being together,” Sonia says.

Nick’s parents and Sonia’s dad visit their kids for dinner. They’re happy to see their children are together. “Good things are always hard,” Sonia’s father says.

Nick hopes that they can continue to overcome their issues and build the trust. He says he can see himself falling in love with her.

When the two are in bed that night, Nick says he is happy that his wife brings out different aspects of his personality. Sonia says she can see that her husband will be a great father. She looks forward to one day just talking about how they’re in love rather than the unconventional process they’re going through right now. Sonia doesn't have regrets, though. She has learned so much about herself and relationships, and she’s thrilled that they did “Married at First Sight.”

“Married at First Sight” will return for Season 5 in 2017. As previously reported, the show will move from Miami to Chicago.