Tom Lillian MAFS wedding
Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez opened up about their insecurities in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 10. FYI

It’s difficult to keep a secret when your life is being filmed. The “Married at First Sight” participants have to put a lot of their personal information out there, but one couple managed to keep their sex life a complete secret. In Season 4, episode 10, Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados revealed that they consummated their marriage, despite previously saying they hadn’t done more than kiss. That made their last fight even more hurtful.

Sonia and Nick

Sonia is back at her apartment after her massive fight with Nick Pedergrast. He doesn’t think they should need to put work into their relationship, and he said he isn’t attracted to her. Communications expert Rachel DeAlto is not encouraging Sonia to go back to Nick right away. She thinks some time apart might be good, especially since they both need to cool down. Sonia needs to decide if she can forgive Nick.

Nick talks to Pastor Cal Roberson about the situation. Nick claims he said that he was attracted to his wife, but he wasn’t as attracted as he should be. He feels like she misinterpreted what he said.

He tells Cal that they’ve never had sex, but they’ve kissed. Nick says that he has become less attracted to her over the last couple weeks. Cal explains that a husband has to support his wife physically and emotionally. Nick claims that he couldn’t have conveyed his feelings any other way, but Cal doesn’t let Nick make excuses. “Marriage ain’t for punks. It’s not. It’s for grown ups,” Cal says.

Cal goes to Sonia to get her side of the story. She reveals that she feels like her husband hates her. Sonia tells Cal that she can’t believe Nick would treat her that way after they’d had sex. Cal is shocked because Nick just said they had never been intimate. Sonia says they’ve had sex more than once. Sonia and Nick just wanted to keep their sex life private.

The fact that they’ve had sex makes Sonia feel even worse. “I feel fooled and disgusted and like an idiot that I even went there with him,” Sonia says. Still, she’d accept an apology from him.

They both sit down with Cal and discuss their relationship. Sonia reveals that she started to feel resentful once she realized she was putting more effort into the relationship. Cal asks Nick again how intimate they’ve been. This time he claims they went to “third base.” Sonia corrects him, and Nick says that he didn’t want to spill details without her permission. That actually wins him some brownie points with his wife. She thinks he is being sweet.

Then, Sonia tells Nick that he really hurt her. Nick apologizes and says he wants to build their relationship again. Sonia tells the cameras that she needs to see some actions that support his words.

Cal gives them some homework. They have to take each other to a place that holds significant meaning to them. Afterwards, he gives Nick and Sonia their wedding album. The two have a nice laugh over the pictures.

Nick Sonia MAFS wedding
Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados were happy to see their wedding photos in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 10. FYI

Sonia takes Nick to her favorite restaurant in her hometown. The two reconnect and Sonia reveals that she actually misses the dogs. She tells the cameras that she can see herself falling in love with Nick, so she’s hoping that they stay on a good page.

Later, Nick takes Sonia to a baseball field where he played growing up, and they have a nice time. Sonia isn’t ready to move back in with her husband, though. Nick wants her to come back, but he says he is willing to wait for his wife.

Heather and Derek

Heather Seidel gets a letter from her husband, Derek Schwartz. It makes her sad to think about what could’ve happened. Derek feels differently about his letter. He reads Heather’s words and doesn’t think they align with her actions. He still doesn’t feel like she gave their marriage a chance.

Derek goes to a bar with his buddies and shows them Heather’s letter. He reveals that he has to meet with Heather and Rachel for a therapy session. The experts want them to deal with their issues to make sure they can move on.

Derek sits down with Rachel and says that knows that he could change and has to work on some things. Rachel asks if he’s hurt and notices he is still wearing his ring. He clearly isn’t ready to move on. Rachel says that the experts are here for him even after the cameras leave.

She sends Derek out and brings Heather in. Heather goes into detail about their relationship. She says that she immediately pulled Derek out of the husband category after the flirting accusations. She admits that she was initially hopeful about falling in love and seems a little sad that it didn’t work. Yet, she still thinks they could be friends.

“I think it could’ve been so different. It makes me wonder, did I jump the gun?” Heather tells the cameras.

The two finally sit down together for the first time since Heather decided she wanted to get divorced. Viewers will have to wait until next week to find out what they have to say, though.

Derek Heather MAFS wedding
Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel saw each other for the first time since their divorce decision in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 10. FYI

Lillian and Tom

Cal visits Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez to check in. The two have much less drama than Nick and Sonia, but he still wants to talk about their problems.

Tom feels like talking about the future is silly. They’re still just getting to know each other. However, Lillian got married to build a future with someone. She doesn’t think they can avoid talking about their relationship as a long-term thing.

Tom doesn’t like to put dates on life goals. He doesn’t want to set a date for having kids when he doesn’t know if they’ll be ready. Lillian clarifies that setting specific times for goals isn’t what she is talking about.

The new wife gets emotional as she reveals that Tom’s avoidance of these conversations makes her think about how her father left her. It makes it seem like Tom could walk out on her too. It’s making her insecure.

“I want to be 100 percent clear with you that I would never take such a huge risk and do something like this unless I was 100 percent committed,” Tom tells his wife. “It sounds like we need to focus on some of the separation issues you have with your father. You’re putting me in the same category with him, and it’s not fair.”

Lillian says she just needs him to show her that he’s sticking around. That’s going to take time.

Cal gives them the homework assignment: take each other some place meaningful. However, he also adds that they need to talk to each other about their insecurities.

Tom cooks for his wife and discusses his dad a little bit. He doesn’t really have a relationship with the man, and Lillian appreciates that he is opening up. Later, Tom reveals his biggest insecurity is his hairy feet. It gets serious when he asks what Lillian is most insecure about in terms of marriage. She just wants to be a good wife.

Tom takes his wife to the beach he goes to every weekend. He reveals that he moved to Florida with an ex-girlfriend. He says that he wasn’t ready to commit to her, so they decided to split. Lillian knows that he has had some commitment issues in the past, but she figures that if he was willing to get married at first sight, he must have gotten over a lot of them.

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