After releasing “Marvel’s Contest of Champions,” which proved to be a successful free-to-play fighting game, developer Kabam is now working on a new game for the comic company called “Marvel United.” As the title suggests, players will be uniting a group of Marvel superheroes in this free-to-play strategy role-playing game (RPG) and will allow players to put any of their favorite heroes and villains in the same group.

The game was first revealed on the Touch Arcade forums, where developer Kabam revealed some of the game’s screenshots and details. Similar to the Facebook game “Avengers Alliance,” players will be able to recruit heroes and villains as they take on a group of other characters who plan on destroying Shield and everything they stand for.

Since this is a strategy RPG, players will be able to upgrade and level up their favorite superheroes, each of whom has a specific character class so the players can know who to send out in the battlefield, as reported by Pocket Gamer. Spider-Man, for example, is a brawler, so he will be good for taking on characters in close range, while Iron Man is a blaster, so he’s good for taking out enemies who are a long way away from the rest of the group.

As is the case with games like this, winning battles leads to players gaining experience points for the team and characters, which will allow players to unlock new powers or upgrade old ones. These will be useful, as enemies are bound to get tougher as the game goes on and the bosses start to appear and cause trouble.

Fans will be happy to know that a number of classic comic book villains will be appearing in the game as bosses, like Kingpin, Ultron, Red Skull and Venom. Interestingly enough, players will be able to recruit super villains on their team, though how it’s possible has yet to be revealed.

“Marvel United” is currently in soft launch mode and is available on the Danish App Store for free. Fans can expect the game soon enough, as Kabam will want to see if there are any bugs during the soft launch of the game.

Marvel United (by Kabam) - iOS / Android - HD (Sneak Peek) Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/TouchGameplay)