Some couldn’t help but compare Alison Williams to Mary Martin during NBC’s “Peter Pan Live” performance Thursday night. Many referred to Martin as the “true” Pan after she played the boy who never grows up in 1960.

There seemed to be a handful of people who thought Williams did a good job.

For the most part, however, sentiments like “Martin would be rolling over in her grave” were popular.

Others referred to Martin as the one and only Peter Pan.

Some were just happy Martin was remembered.

Few commented on the fact that a woman played Peter Pan, which wasn't the case when Williams revealed that she landed the role. "It's just so funny because I've been reading and learning a lot about the creation of Peter Pan and it's typically always been a woman. It's just so funny to me that that became a question," she told People magazine. "There were so many comments like, 'Weird how a woman is playing Peter Pan.’”

And she’s right. There’s a long history of Peter Pan being played by a woman, Slate notedBut Williams and Martin aren’t the only women to play Pan in recent years. Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby have also taken the flight to Neverland.

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