This week on “MasterChef,”only four home cooks remain with a chance to win the title. In an episode titled “Think Inside the Box,” the remaining contestants battle it out in order to avoid the ever-dreaded pressure test and to gain a spot in this season’s top 3.

Out of a pool of hundreds of applicants, only Derrick Peltz, Stephen Lee, Claudia Sandoval  and Nick Nappi, are still in the running to become America’s next MasterChef. In the episode synopsis shared by TV Guide, the four of them will be paired off into two teams.

Judges Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot will be presenting a list of ingredients, which the teams will use to produce an appetizer and an entree. They will then have to recreate their dishes twice.

Nick and Claudia pair up to form the red team, while bitter rivals Derrick and Stephen form the blue team. Despite having a big rivalry and openly declaring that they have set a target on each other’s backs, Derrick and Stephen have surprisingly worked really well together in the past. They won the annual “MasterChef” tag team challenge with their party platter, and it appears that they will be successful again, this time around.

Even though the episode promo shared by FOX shows them bickering, the network also gave away a big spoiler in another clip. The official “MasterChef” website shared a series of behind-the-scenes clips and outtakes from the season and in one of them, Derrick and Stephen could clearly be seen standing safe in the balcony, while Nick and Claudia face the judges in black pressure test aprons. [scroll down for video]

This week, the synopsis states that the pressure test will involve the creation of Christina Tosi’s melted chocolate cake. Find out whether it will be Nick ofr Claudia, who will end his/her “MasterChef” journey this week.

“Think Inside the Box,” airs on Wednesday, September 9, at 8:00 p.m. EDT on FOX.