Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” is a series that rarely kills off even its minor characters. The drama, which is based on Dr. William “Bill” Masters (Michael Sheen) and Mrs. Virginia “Gini” Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), aired an emotional episode in which a character died tragically.

Here’s what happened in Season 4, episode 6 “Family Only”:

It’s Nancy Vs. Gini

In episode 5, Art (Jeremy Strong) and Nancy (Betty Gilpin) had filled out the intake forms for a powerful, wealthy couple while Bill and Gini were battling in court.

After realizing that Bill is the only man who loved her despite her complexities and flaws, Virginia tried hard to revive the romance between them. On the work front, she tried to become Bill’s new work wife – a position that is now occupied by Nancy.

When Bill hired Nancy, he wanted her to be involved in all aspects of the clinic and help him with his workload. With Gini suddenly realizing that she wants Dr. Masters back in her life – personally and professionally – the sex researcher snatched several cases of Nancy and Bill from her nose.

The result of Virginia easing herself into the role of Bill’s new work wife made Nancy furious. She confronts Gini in the bathroom and point blank asks her where she stands. “Where we tell you to,” she replies. Virginia can be really rude when she wants to.

Then Nancy thinks that Mrs. Johnson is acting like this ever since she slept with her husband Art at the coats or keys party. Of course, she didn’t actually sleep with him. They only talked about marriage and relationships.

Fed up of Art not telling Nancy the truth, Gini orders Nancy to call Art to her office – in which Bill is also seated – and reveal the truth: They never slept at the swinger’s party.

However, later in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 6, Art convinces his wife that Gini only denied sleeping together to save face. She wanted her reputation to stay intact so she lied in front of Bill.

Bill Thinks Virginia Doesn’t Love Him

Virginia continued try to get Bill to sleep with her. She even proclaimed that he was the only man who ever truly loved her. Then, she tried one last trick to get him in bed with her – Virginia gifted him a key to a room in the Park Chancery Hotel. It was the same room (and hotel) in which they spent countless nights making love.

However, a changed Bill, armed with a different perspective, refused her invitation. He told her that she doesn’t really love him. She only wants him now because he stopped pursuing her and because it’s easy to go back to him. With no Dan Logan (Josh Charles) or any other man vying for her affections, sleeping with him is the only option she has right now.

Betty’s Lover Helen Dies

The most shocking aspect of “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 6 was Helen’s (Sarah Silverman) death. Her water broke in the morning and Betty (Annaleigh Ashford) rushed her to the hospital where Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) operated on her. While the baby was delivered safely, Helen’s caesarian gave birth to a very troubling complication – her blood was not clotting.

While waiting for the results of the operation, Betty phoned Helen’s parents and informed them that their grandchild is on their way.

The hardworking, witty Betty waited and waited. Even Dr. Masters gave her company in the waiting room. Unfortunately, 16 blood transfusions later and with Bill scrubbing in, Helen passed away.

Will She Even Get To See The Baby?

The worst part of the episode was the fact that Betty never got to see her child. When she was saying goodbye to Helen, Helen’s parents arrived at the hospital and took the baby. Will Betty ever get to see her baby?

Elsewhere in the episode, Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) finally had sex with Bram Keller (David Walton) in a nudist colony! Talk about a first date.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.