Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” finally reunited Dr. William “Bill” Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia “Gini” Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) after the two separated last season.

Gini realized in Season 3, episode 4 that Bill is the only man in her life who knows all her flaws and loves her anyway. He knows the real her. Meanwhile, Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) told Bill the stark truth: Virginia is the love the of his life.

In honor of their reunion, which was seen on “Masters Of Sex” Season 3, episode 5 when Bill pled guilty to the charge of sexual deviance in order to save Virginia’s reputation and dignity, we’ve compiled a list of why they are perfect for each other:

1. They Understand Each Other

Yes, Bill and Virginia are actually very flawed human beings. Bill was extremely arrogant until recently and Virginia will often do anything to prove a point (remember how she slept with her psychiatrist in order to show him that he isn’t superior to her in any way?). But the beauty of this couple is that they understand each other perfectly well.


2. Bill And Virginia Always Love Their Work More Than Anyone Else

There’s no denying that the only thing they love as much as each other is the sex research and the clinic. Virginia has sacrificed a lot, even time with her three kids, to publish her book while Bill has a very weak connection with his children and a failed marriage because he is often working long hours at the office or whipping up a new technique for curing erectile dysfunction with Gini between the sheets.


3. Bill’s Weaknesses Are Virginia’s Strengths And Virginia’s Weaknesses Are His Strengths

Bill has never been good with people, but Gini has always been able to coax men and women to do her bidding with ease. On the other hand, Virginia isn’t even a doctor whereas Bill has the reputation of being an excellent obstetrician and surgeon in the country. Whatever Bill lacks, Virginia doesn’t and vice-versa. That’s why they make a great couple.


4. They Both Have Changed But Still Love Each Other Unconditionally

Gini gradually changed from a demure secretary seeking recognition and acceptance from her boss to an independent woman. Meanwhile, in “Masters Of Sex” Season 3, we saw Bill morph into a kind man and shed his arrogance in order reconnect with his children and reconcile with Libby. Still, the authors of “Human Sexual Response” are well suited for each other.


5. They Make Excellent Professional Partners

Let’s face it: without one another, Masters and Johnson would not have accomplished what they did. Dr. Masters wouldn’t be able to conduct sex experiments on his own without being seen as a pervert. Similarly, Mrs. Johnson would never have published a book and gained national fame without Dr. Masters. They are stronger together professionally and personally. That’s why they are a true partnership.


6. Virginia Is The Only One Who Can Change Bill’s Mind

Even Libby can’t seem to persuade him to do something he doesn’t want to. Betty (Annaleigh Ashford) is the only other person, besides Gini, who can sway Bill’s stubborn attitude. But she uses her frank attitude rather than charm to cajole him.


7. Bill’s Confession Of Being Addicted To Her Was Very Romantic

On Sunday’s episode of “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, Dr. Masters confessed in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that while he isn’t addicted to alcohol, he is addicted to someone – Virginia. That touching, heartwarming confession of love would make any doubtful fan convinced that these two sex researchers belong together.


“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.