Who does Stevie Baggs choose in the “Match Made In Heaven” finale? Season 2 of the WE tv reality series came to a close Thursday night when the former football player turned businessman made his life-changing decision.

Stevie started the season with 18 contestants, but narrowed his search for love down to three women — Christina, Kimmy and Roxie. Each of the ladies developed strong feelings for the bachelor, however, he could only choose one to spend the rest of his life with.

Roxie’s the first contestant to meet Stevie on his platform of roses. He takes her hands, reminiscing about their first encounter and how her writing made him fall for her “instantly.” The 28-year-old singer/ songwriter is all smiles, however, Stevie has a huge “but.” Despite her passion and emotion, he reveals that he cannot share that love as her husband.

“I hope you understand,” Stevie tells her. But Roxie doesn’t understand. She fires back that she doesn’t know where he’s coming from and doesn’t understand how he could say all those things to her.

It’s a brutal breakup, sealed with Stevie dramatically whispering “forgive me.”

Kimmy is the next to arrive. Stevie gives a passionate speech about her being his “dream woman,” calling her “amazing” and revealing that he wants her to be his. However, that doesn’t mean he wants to be with her. Despite her “completing” him, he says that he can’t move forward with the 32-year-old general manager.

Christina is the final contestant to meet with Stevie. The 28-year-old dancer is nervous, but hopeful that Stevie can see a future with her — and he does!

“Are you ready?” he asks her.

“Yes, of course,” she says as Stevie takes out a ring box.

Inside is an engagement ring, but Stevie doesn’t propose. “This ring here symbolizes a lot of things,” he explains. He wants to move forward with her, however the next step is meeting her parents, not getting engaged. He closes the box, adding that the ring is simply to show her that he’s serious about his future with her.

Despite the fake out, Christina agrees to move forward with their relationship. They head back to celebrate with Lola, Pastor Ken and host Sherri Shepherd.

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