Eighteen women joined “Match Made in Heaven” to win over bachelor Stevie Baggs, but only three women remain in the WE tv reality competition. The former football player has narrowed his search for love down to Kimmy, Christina and Roxie. But only one woman can walk away hand-in-hand with Stevie in the Season 2 finale next week.

Stevie took the three women out on their final single dates in the penultimate episode of “Match Made in Heaven.” However, that extra time with the contestants didn’t exactly help him make up his mind. He’s more confused than ever.


There is no denying that Stevie and Roxie connect on a spiritual level – but what about physical? Heading into episode 9 she was the only contestant who had yet to lock lips with the bachelor. Chemistry might not be her only problem though. Stevie’s mom, Miss Lola, doesn’t exactly approve of Roxie. She thinks that the 28-year-old singer/ songwriter is rough around the edges and needs some “refining.”


Christina and Stevie definitely have something special going on. They get along great and have fun with each other, but Christina is not exactly forthcoming with her feelings. She’s held back a lot this season and that might affect her in the end. Her mom may also ruin her chances of a happily-ever-after with Stevie. Lola butted heads with Christina’s mom when she came to the house, and she’s not exactly thrilled at the thought of spending holidays with her.


The chemistry between Stevie and Kimmy is insane. Sparks fly when these two are together, but race might tear them apart. Although Stevie and Kimmy are certain of their relationship, Lola wants a strong black woman as her future daughter-in-law. The 32-year-old general manager has to hope that Stevie’s feelings are strong enough for him to ignore his mother’s opinion.

Who will Stevie Baggs choose in the Season 2 finale of “Match Made in Heaven”? Will he propose to one of the women? Sound off in the comments section and watch the final episode when it airs on WE tv on Thursday, July 7 at 10 p.m. EDT.