Former professional football star Stevie Baggs Jr. is ready to find love! The 34-year-old businessman and motivational speaker has a lot going for him. But the one thing he’s missing is that special someone in his life. That’s where WE tv comes into play. Stevie is out to find “the one” on Season 2 of the network’s reality dating show “Match Made in Heaven.”

Pastor Ken Johnson from Season 1 is back to offer spiritual guidance to Stevie. Sherri Shepherd joins Season 2 as a “fairy godmother” to the 18 eligible women. But she’s also going to be stirring the pot. Sherri’s got plenty of “temptations and challenges” to make their journey to woo Stevie that much more interesting. And the first twist of the season is already in the works. What the 18 contestants don’t know is that Mona, the “hired help” cleaning up after them, is actually Stevie’s mom, Lola. Lola’s undercover to find out what the girls are like behind closed doors. And to further complicate the situation, Lola gets to make the first decision about who to eliminate.

The women enter the “Match Made in Heaven” mansion without prior knowledge of their mystery bachelor. But Sherri promises that he’s “chocolate goodness.”

“If you are borderline diabetic you are going to need insulin,” she warns them. And when the ladies lay eyes on Stevie for the first time they all agree.

Stevie Baggs hails from Atlanta and played football for 10 years. He has continued his success off the field, and is now looking for a woman to make him “significant.” He wants someone who is not necessarily flawless, but who is faithful, something he considers important being that he runs seven businesses and is a single father to his daughter, Honor.

Fortunately for him, all the women in the house think they have what it takes to make him happy. But does Lola agree?

As Lola works around the bachelorette mansion as Mona, she listens in as the girls reveal their backstories and why they joined the show. Lachia, a 29-year-old office manager, gets a smile out of Lola when she hears her say she’s there to find love. However, not everyone leaves a good impression. Although Alexandra is a 24-year-old virgin, the contestant rubs Lola the wrong way with her risqué clothing. Lola tells the cameras that the ladies in the house won’t be turning the place into a “hoe-asis” on her watch.

Stevie gets some one-on-one time with the ladies to get to know them. Some girls, like Elle, make a good impression on the former football pro by quickly jumping at the chance for alone time with him. However, the other girls, like Medgie, quickly develop a problem with her.

Things go better for some of the other ladies as they attempt to gain Stevie’s interest. The “Match Made in Heaven” star is immediately drawn to Sincerely because she presents herself as a grown woman. He also likes that Christina, a dancer, takes good care of her body. But not everyone makes a good impression on the bachelor.

Lachia’s bold confession of already being in love with him definitely throws Stevie off. He also struggles to connect with Tiffany and Rose, who act nervous during their alone time with him. Then there is Kimmy, a Caucasian Southern belle. While Kimmy is beautiful and easy to talk to, Stevie asks if her family is OK with her dating a black man. Despite hesitating at first, Kimmy reassures him that race is not an issue.

Most of the girls are confident with their first impressions heading into the first elimination. However, they still don’t know that Mona is really Stevie’s mom, Lola. Fortunately, host Sherri Shepherd is there to drop the bombshell on the ladies and reveal that Lola gets to eliminate the first contestant. Not many of the girls are happy about this revelation.

“I got to see the good, bad and ugly,” Lola tells them. “And I got a lot to say about it.”

At the elimination, Lola immediately begins ripping into the women. First on her list is Elle, who she calls out for being rude to her when she thought Lola was just the hired help. She also doesn’t have kind things to say about Alexandra.

“The way you carry yourself is like a harlot,” she fires at the virgin.

She also gets real about some dirty undergarments she found on the floor of the bathroom.

“I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to find out,” she warns.

Lola’s not all bite, though. She does have nice words to say about Medgie, who despite being rough around the edges, did treat Lola with respect and kindness.

Three women are getting sent home tonight, and Lola confidently decides to eliminate Alexandra first. As for the other two women packing their bags? That’s up to Stevie. The remaining 17 girls are assigned a cell phone that will receive a message about their fate on the show.

Jasmine, Victorya, Keneice, Sincerely, Roxie, Kia, Rose, Colby, Christina and Medgie all get messages to “please stay.” Erica, Lachia and Elle receive a message saying that “we need to talk.” They’re not completely gone, but they need to prove to Stevie why they deserve a second shot. Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for Tiffany, who gets a breakup text from the bachelor.

“I’m sorry ... we’re not a match,” the text reads.

After Tiffany departs, Stevie faces Erica, Lachia and Elle. Two of them have a chance to continue fighting for the bachelor, but one is going home.

Elle begs Stevie for a chance to right her wrong when it came to being disrespectful to his mother. Stevie decides to give her another opportunity and asks her to stay. That leaves Erica and Lachia.

Lachia’s confession of love earlier really throws Stevie. While he appreciates her “energy and passion,” he decides to send her home and asks Erica to stay. He and Erica had a good connection and he’s interested in learning more about her.