Match Made in Heaven
Stevie Baggs embarks on his journey to find love in the Season 2 premiere of “Match Made in Heaven.” WE tv

Get ready to fall in love with WE tv’s newest bachelor. Actor, author, motivational speaker and former professional football player Stevie Baggs Jr. is about to win the hearts of viewers on “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2.

WE tv fans watched last year as real estate investor Shawn Bullard embarked on a journey to find his soul mate. Now it’s Stevie’s turn, and with the help of host Sherri Shepherd and Indianapolis Colts spiritual adviser Pastor Ken Johnson, he’s got a chance to date 18 stunning and successful women.

“The production company did an amazing job casting some viable women that are accomplished ... businesswomen,” Stevie told International Business Times ahead of the season premiere Thursday, May 19. “I told them that I didn’t want the typical pretty girl. I wanted women who really have some substance, and they did an amazing job with the cast in that regard.”

Contestants this year include a backup dancer who worked alongside Beyoncé, an owner of a public relations boutique and a web developer. But a smart and savvy woman isn’t the only thing Stevie is looking for. He’s also looking for somebody who understands and values the importance of family. In fact, family is so important to Stevie that his mom, Lola, is also on the show to help him find that special lady. She infiltrates the bachelorette house in the premiere episode as a staff worker named Mona as she attempts to figure out which girls aren’t fit to date her son. And, boy, does she make her opinion known.

“Obviously, my mom Lola’s the star of the show,” Stevie said with a laugh.

Stevie explained to IBT that her opinion matters not only because she’s his mother but also because she’s his business partner and friend. The two run the CETA Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to bring health and wellness resources to people to help improve their quality of life.

“We work together pretty much every day,” Stevie said of his mom. “So whomever I choose is going to have to be able to deal with that dynamic as well. It’s a really funny situation because although, as close as we are, I would never not date a girl because my mom doesn’t like her. I feel like I have to have my own interpersonal connection and intuition with whom I choose to be with.”

And viewers will certainly see that in the “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2 premiere. Watch him embark on his journey to find love when episode 1 airs on WE tv Thursday, May 19, at 10 p.m. EDT. And watch an exclusive sneak-peek video of Stevie Baggs, Sherri Shepherd and Ken Johnson in episode 1 below: